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I apologise for posting again on this topic, but a lot of time has gone by and there still is no fix for this problem...come on guys, seriously?!

Hunting the Hunters episode does not let your Away Team transport to the different shielded arenas with you. That leaves your captain alone against a group of Hirogen Hunters to solo several times. The best I ever could do was defeat only a couple of them before the other 2 or 3 took me out.

What makes this frustraing is that this bug has been reported numerous times. No slash (/) command works to make your team appear. I am on my third character to get that episode and my third to go through this (as of last week actually).

When can the community expect this problem to be addressed? It has been a couple of months now. We are talking about episode content here. Soon???
Lt. Commander
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05-31-2010, 12:15 PM
I just did that Mission this weekend, for the first time (FYI - not w/my primary character/RA5 listed in my signature, for some reason he neglected to hail Admiral T'nae and has yet to complete most of the Romulan missions, I'm using an Alt Sci Captain 4 toon). I had that happen once, where my Cap was moved but her BOs stayed behind. Like you got gib'd quickly (got a Minor Injury too, to boot). Turns out my BO's Rally Flag was set in the last encounter space. Once I un-rallied them, they followed me fine. I made sure they weren't flagged each time and I had no further problems.

I noticed on other Missions, that sometimes when switching floors or going through a door that if my BOs were set to a rally flag they wouldn't come down/through until released.

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