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Hi I understand that this is an evolving game and some fixes will take time but I also feel that as the game evolves some bugs or issues may be forgotten or delayed as other things take priority so Iíve complied this list to draw attention to some issues, feel free to comment politely and post your own top ten of fixes or things u feel that are missing or unfinished.

10) More of an idea but itís not a serious issue there should be enough anomalies for each team member, then there is no need to race for them or ask to take it, I know some people donít bother to collect anyway but still. If this isnít a major issue then
I submit another, a lot of Items weapons, ships, gear etc, are ladled For Admiral, with just a few being labelled with Rear Admiral, with Vice Admirals on the way this is going to lead to confusion if nothing else.

9) No Benzite bridge officers, they do appear as Securtiy away team members and npc extras at space stations, they are playable race, were they are pre order bonus? See this post. Maybe there are other Bridge officer races missing? Someone said they donít get female trills. Not sure if that includes joined trills too. I hope that if i purchase the Caitians in the furture i hope i can have them as bridge officers too.


8) Some patrol missions donít complete for all members of the team, forcing team players to leave the team to complete the mission on their own, in some cases having to drop the mission, in my most recent case it took me a few mission drops before it reset. I think this is more complicated as u can join a mission just before the last objective is completed and complete the mission, if it becomes replayable later, then a player can go through it again.

7) Cruisers were meant to have extra cargo space, is this still to come or has it been dropped
ďCruisers are generally the largest ships in Starfleet. Their size grants them access to advanced warp cores, which allows them to distribute a large amount of power across their subsystems; a large crew complement, which improves a shipís repair rate, engineering bay, boarding party effectiveness, and so on; and a large inventory, which makes them great for long distance missionsĒ

If this idea has been dropped then I replace number 7 with anomalies still stuck in the ground or being just blank, on random exploration worlds itís understandable but on episode and patrol ground mission itís amazing they are still bugged.

6) What I assume are trade Lanes (the lines on the map that merchant ships follow) outside the Sirius and Regulus sector blocks. All other trade lines are empty.

5) On a lot of Episode missions where you have a space engagement followed by a ground mission and return to space for the next part of the episode. On completing the ground segment and clicking on beam to ship. Return/ or using the icon by the mini map, instead of returning to orbit u back in the sector map and have to enter the system again.

4) When on you bridge and choose to exit to return, your character transports, to where I have no idea surly he should be on the bridge when youíre viewing the ship from outside. If this isnít a serious issue then I would submit that Batazed not in a sector map.

3) NPC Cloaking,

(a)Romulans should cloak, at least all of them should use it in the same manner as Klingon birds of prey. The only known Romulans ships that cloak are story related named ships. See my own post.

(b) A smarter use of the cloaking device would be more interesting rather than just random activation, at the moment for NPC, the cloaking device provides a Klingon bird of prey a way to make me lose my targeting lock on it, forcing me to target another ship. This can be at any condition of the bird of prey. Surly Klingons are not suicidal, for example a Klingon ship might cloak when itís at 10% health, then 3-5 seconds later it de-cloaks for another go and gets squatted like a fly. I would be find it more interesting if the cloaked waited to their ship was in a better condition with say %50 hull restored and energy levels back to normal before comes after you.

2) The Ship tailor,

a) Most important is that you can save and load your designs it would be nice if by default the save name was the ship name and registry code (for feds at least) this issue plagued the clothes tailor but is now fixed so hopefully the ship tailor can be fixed soon.
b) A bug report screen would be much appreciated,
c) Able to control the light source so you can move it around and not the ship some places are tricky to look at.
d) The Zoom, I know this has been increased so can zoom in, but I hope it works better now and is enough, I think itís coming in the next update.
e) When designing your ship for the first time, you get charged 1000 credits for the first bridge change it should be free first time. And on other visits there after you get charged 520(I think) before you make any changes.

And now the most important thing that I feel needs fixing As soon as possible but may take some time though.

1) Itís the bug report, Iíve reported the bug report as being bugged and Iím very pleased by the response saying it needs improving will be discussed. So I would like to contribute if I may...
Most important is that it needs to work, the bug report screen suggest you search for known bugs before submitting your report, so if you typed in the exact brief description of any of your previous bug reports then you would expect to see it in the search results, instead you only get the know issues that were displayed before you searched. Which is why the bug count is so high, there must be so many repeated bug reports. I donít know if Iím the only one or just one of few or one of all who experience the same problem.

Once the bug report works correctly and had a revamp to better collect bug report information. Perhaps the count could be set back to 0, then people can choose to resubmit bugs if they are still experiencing them and with an improved bug system they could see if the bug has already been reported then than can view the original report and any other additional reports from other players to see, if they have some new information about the bug and so on before finally submitting additional or a completely new bug report if the issue isnít completed.

I enjoy this game a lot and I hope to make contributions that make the game a better experience for all, but with the bug report system the way it is itís all too easy to report any bug and never get it seen or answered. Iíve submitted on the forums too but no idea if they have been read by someone who can act anon an issue or not. This would same time for all, itís taken me an hour so to prepare this post and it must take forever to go through bug reports and forum posts, hopefully these ideas could reduce the rate of bug reports being reported repeatedly.

So for the Forum I would like to suggest two things that if a dev read a post, they could leave a Mark, so the poster and reader will know it has been read. A good example would be number 9 on the list the No Benzite bridge officer post. There are just a few posts for a very good observation, but no indication that a dev has read, if there was a dev reply that would be good sign, but if the original post could be rubber stamped under the title that it was noted. That would be more pleasing.

A second idea is that, there is thread of things the Devs are aware off, and so people could refer to this list before sending bug reports a link in the game(using the bug report search of known issues just doesnít work). As a good example is my top 10 all or just some issues could be known. Each one could be a thread, with posts of bug reports, known systems it take places, eta of when it will be investigated or if itís been worked on and eta of when the fix might be released if possible.

Thanks for reading, I hope this list is useful and leads to a better gaming experience for all.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
05-31-2010, 04:31 AM
Good post, I agree with some of what you laid out, however.......you may find much of this already on the back burner until they get most of the meat of the game up to speed. Much of this has been covered (in theory) anyhoo.

Good ideas for the most part though. Especially about the ship tailor.

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