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Your exploration missions seem to randomly choose a villain and plug them into a random scenario on a random map. Some of the results make absolutely no sense, usually when they involve the Borg. For example, any subtle campaigns where the villain attempts to secretly monitor the development of a primitive culture in an attempt to manipulate it into one day joining their alliance, but abandons the project when their "horse loses the race". That works well for so many cultures, some more than others, but the Borg don't fit scenarios like this one at all. Especially when the Borg vessel hails me and, in a very non-collective manner, starts emotionally ranting about my interference like a peeved off Ferengi.

I enjoy running into the Borg during exploration content, but only when the random storyline makes sense (yes, I actually pay attention to the storyline). And, yes, there are several exploration missions involving the Borg that do fit well. But scenarios like the above completely wreck my immersion and make me sadly aware that I'm just jumping through hoops to get some badges. When populating these missions with villains, can you please limit the selections to choices that make sense?

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