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# 1 more options
06-07-2010, 05:04 PM
personally,i'd like a few more options,in the c-store,than what we have atm.
for instance,with a certain copy of the game,some people got the 'red matter' device.
how about more devices,like this,added to the c-store?for instance:

armour technology:like the armour tech,seen in last episode of voyager.gimme a shiny coat to my ship!

warp codes:like the power we have,to go right to sol starbase,once per 30 mins,this would take you to a sector of your choice,once per 30 mins?would cut travel a bit.

or,maybe,a new borg-enhanced ship part?(for those ex-borg captains out there).

or,maybe,new outfit parts,for us fashion-concious captains out there?
maybe,a new outfit,for risa (the bathing costumes,to have as off-duty ones),or a commando-style outfit.

or,maybe,some new costume pieces,for alien characters(insect ones,like the zindi?)

or,maybe,some new boff options,like a holographic or android boff?(i think holographic ones should be available,there's text on sto,that states theyve become common on most fed ships)

or,maybe,some new melee weapons for fed characters?(like sulu's sword from the current movie,that was cool.)

anyone else got anything they want to see,thats a bit different to whats available atm?

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