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The new stuff is great but perhaps you could fix some of the old stuff that is STILL BROKEN such as B'Tran explores that do not have enemies in them. Today I just logged out after 45 min of trying to get a B'tran mission with something to KILL in space so I could play with the new power changes. Alas no joy for that search.

Another thing that needs to get looked at is the shear number of Deep Space Encounters. You can't go from one place to another without getting sucked into several along the way... and there are few things more furstrating then coming out of a DSE and before you can even set a course you're SUCKED back in to it. Perhaps we should get a cool down tag when we exit that protects us for a minute or two. And while we''re talking DSE can we NOT have the enemy command group camp the entry spawn please, it just gets stupid anoying.

Thanks... and keep up the good work!
Lt. Commander
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06-03-2010, 12:48 PM
Phew , thought i was playing in a mood tonight.

Logged in to play tonight for a bit but the game just wound me up.

Found my vet rewards say ive had 77days yet ive been here since headstart , didnt bother to report it as ive given up reporting things.

Flew through Omega to do my dailys , got dragged into quite a few DSE , just for me to fly out again ,i even got dragged into one more or less straight after exiting one, this is just NOT fun and never been looked at , around 9 unwanted and uneccessary loadscreens later i get to the cluster.

First mission in space , cool , but it spawned friendly hostiles , great , by this time i gave up and logged out. Also tried to use 'v' to find my target but it took me to anomalies that i dont want anymore but forced to pick them up (my abk is full of them , why cant they just be in a mining system). All these little things add up to bad gameplay thats more aggravating than fun these days.

New additions are nice but the effort should have been made on fixing all the stuff and adding new gameplay content , for now iv lossed the will to play this anymore , hopefully tomorrow ill be in a better mood and maybe try again but it feels a chore to play rather than being fun anymore.

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