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06-03-2010, 09:53 PM
Originally Posted by Commodore_Rook View Post
I find it ridicules you have a STARSHIP and have ZERO access to a cargo bay to store this crap you "salvage" off your, er, kills. Imagine if Kirk or Picard had to lug around all the junk they found with them ALL the time?
Erm, you're inventory IS your cargo bay basically. Notice how it expands whenever you rank up and get a next tier ship? Do you really think your captain is carrying around phaser arrays, torpedo launchers, consoles etc in his/her pocket?

And yeah, the 20 item exchange cap does NOT pose a NEW problem. As it was explained by a previous poster, it was limited to 20 from day 1. It was merely a mistake in the last patch that unlocked it. 20 items is more than enough. If you need to clean out your inventory, I've found that vendoring many items is just as good as putting them up on the exchange - now that prices are far more reasonable/competetive.

With that being said, it still would be cool to be able to buy more tabs.
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06-05-2010, 05:31 PM
Still, if they MUST cap the number of items we may list in the exchange, then raise the number to 50 or something, as 20 is too small.

I, for one, am a POWER SELLER, i go hunting in fleet actions and DSE's etc, as well as do secondary missions with my fleetmates just to get green and blue items to sell and make EC's (Currently sitting @ 17mil EC). By handicapping our selling ability, they are denegrating the economy of the game. If they will not remove the restrictive number, they should at least raise the cap.

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