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# 1 Bridge Officer Roles
06-05-2010, 12:23 PM
Dunno if suggested before but I remember seeing many requests for a First Officer thing to be done and also a request of making your BOs on the bridge stay in the seats you damn well want them instead of playing musicial chairs, but how bout merging both ideas and expanding them.

Make it so you can select a First Officer, Chief Conn Officer, Chief Tactical Officer, Chief Security, Engineering and so on, then make it so they gain a buff for them Roles they are doing according to their rank and how long they have served that role and their department type (Eng/Tac/Sci) that could effect the ship.

So having a Com. Sci Officer as a Chief Medical Officer would be better then having a Tac Officer in the same role, and that would say give you a small boost in crew alive/recover rates, and an Officer as Conn could help your cruiser turn that extra bit more faster if they have been doing the job for 30 years etc

Plus it gives them extra BOs something to do with the others are doing your skills.

So here are the Roles:
First Officer



But its upto the Devs to decide if they want this, but might as well pass the idea round to see if anything becomes of it, so feel free to add more to the idea.
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# 2
06-06-2010, 06:59 AM
You may want to check this thread out (and give it a "bump" to show your support): First Officers - An Idea for Implementing Them In-Game

It covers both XOs and other Senior Staff Officers.

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