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06-07-2010, 01:19 PM
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06-07-2010, 01:35 PM
Originally Posted by Thlaylie View Post
STF's should be made soloable bacause
I already said your idea isn't a bad idea.

On its own it has some merit. It is possible to do. And could improve gameplay for some of the customers.

The rest of he thread is just sort of an argument between posters. We should work past that. The idea itself is sound. And could work. So the ball is now in the devs' court. The feedback's been given. You don't have to dig in and defend it Thlaylie. You made your point you know? The devs or the community reps who read it will pass the info along.

I pointed out the biggest obstacle your idea currently faces. It's not from anyone here in this thread. It's from the devs themselves. The person who was heading up the creation of these STFs isn't at the company anymore. And that person's replacement hasn't been announced yet.

So it could be awhile before something like this gets done ... and only because there might not be people available to do it well and make it work.

It's a problem that all STF issues currently face. There's a lot of feedback in other threads right now pointing out things that could really stand to be fixed with this content in its current format. And there isn't much headway being made on that front either. Because Gozer's gone.

Your idea is fine.

But it could be awhile.
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06-07-2010, 02:06 PM
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# 54 STFs will change
06-07-2010, 03:20 PM
I'm convinced that it will in time, be changed so that there will be episode versions of the storyline in the STFs, or that the STFs themselves will become nerfed so that any pug can complete it. Or possibly it will change into a Fleet Action structure so more people can join in and finish them in groups of 20 or so. My reasoning for my virtual certaintly that this will happen is based on the best return for the dev team for the amount of work done. STFs were designed as high end raid content, and that's what they've been. Less than 10% (wouldn't be surprised if it were less than 5%) of the players have experienced this content, which means the many dev hours devoted to designing them have a very poor result in terms of value to the game and the dev team related to the number of people who've seen the content and played through that storyline. And the fact that the storyline is in the STFs is key: Eventually they'll want everyone to have access to the main storyline and they can't do that when the only option for seeing the storyline is to join a fleet, get vent, or join a PUG which has a poor record of success, often ending in one or two people rage quitting and the mission ending in utter failure.

Someone said the maps themselves would have to be changed. I disagree. Tweaking the difficulty of the mobs and simply changing the places where 4 items must be hit at once into allowing people to hit them one at a time. This will prove to be far easier than making new episodes since the art is already done and the mission is essentially already in place. For much less work they get hours of content for everyone instead of leaving all that content for a tiny minority who alone get to finish the main story.

Another reason why it will change at some point (sooner rather than later is my guess, but within a year in any case) is the difficulty slider. For the PUGs trying to form, they've now been divided by difficulty level so are even harder to get a group, and as I said, the PUGs aren't noteworthy in their success rate. The difficulty slider also offers opportunity, in that by nerfing normal mode they can still make them as hard as they want on advanced and eilte modes. These factors will result in more people being able to do the STFs by one means or another.

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