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# 1 Welcome back targeting bug
06-06-2010, 09:30 PM
Okay...enemy in range...FIRE.

Our weapons aren't working sir!

have we been hit by a subnucleonic beam? Or had our targeting sensors hammed? Is it some new unknown system?

No sir...our targeting computer is locked on the enemy 20 km away. The 6 in front of us at point blank just won't get target lock.

What the???

Yep...I thought this bug was finally fixed.

I have been doing the same mission for the past 2 months. Unable to finish due to disconnects, the elite difficulty bug, and this wonderful targeting bug comes back. It was my first encounter with Nausicans with this character. So far he has killed 200 Nausican ships destroyed.

But he cannot finish the Defeat 6 enemy Nausican patrols. Yes...about 15 ships. He's taken out almost 15x that...but he hasn't finished this mission.

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