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Me and my buddies spent a good 2 hours fighting our way up the dang shield nodes, each one was almost worthy of a purple drop because of how difficult several of them are, clear all that trash mobs to get to the final boss, and the boss is bugged so he won't move; he puts shields up all around himself, pretty much ending everything.

I think players should be rewarded for just making it to the Borg boss, with the amount of crap and stupid endless shield nodes you have to kill I'm surprised many people actually do the quest.

This instance needs some work, no reason to drag players through hours of trash mobs, to repeat the same process of killing shield nodes over and over again, just to get to a boss who doesn't seem to work correctly.
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06-07-2010, 03:01 AM
i kind of agree.kind of.
i agree,the whole mission,seems 'go along this route,take out the nodes,zzzzzzzzz'.
not fun.was quite boring.

the boss at the end?fun!
best way to tackle the boss,is this:get everyone out of his sight,behind the terrain,to his left(big trees and rocks).then get 1 person,to snipe him(best is a medic tank),and duck back into cover.the boss will follow,behind the terrain,and hopefully,with a full team,you can take him out.helps to have a medic tank,to do the pull/tanking,and have everyone keep moving,as the wholes in the shields move careful,not to get too close though.he has a nasty pbaoe attack,that damages,and pushes you away.

apart from the boss,i found it very sucky.
still not enough of a reason,though,to quit the game.there's a lot more reasons to do
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# 3
06-07-2010, 04:16 AM
I see someone hasn't met the Terrordomezerg yet...
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06-07-2010, 05:14 AM
Ugh, me and my fleeties did The Cure last night.... 3 hours and 30 minutes to do the damn thing.
Most tedious of all is the last two forcefields that need to be dropped. >.<
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# 5
06-07-2010, 11:05 AM
Not to mention it doest save progress, we spent 3 hours on it last nite and quit at the boss, it was 5 in the morning for us; so now we'll come back today and everything we cleared will be gone, they really need a progress saving system for stupid instances like this.
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06-07-2010, 11:40 AM
The Cure can definitely invoke some intense frustration and happens to be the source of one of my fav Gozer comments..

"If you die, you deserve the run..."

Anyway, here's a few tips that my fleet uses when running The Cure. Feel free to use or disregard as you see fit.

First, make sure you're only pulling one patrol at a time, in a couple spots its easy to grab both the patrol group and the node group. Patrols move as a group up and down the road, have one person shoot one patrol borg then fall back out of range of the node group or other patrol.

For the shields, each person takes a shield generator, and the 5th person (usually the healer) floats between generator 1 and 2 healing and helping out. For the first generator, we usually all stay to clear out the trash. Make sure only the person staying at 1 aggros the Elite Tac, you don't want him following you back to shields 2 or 3. After about 15 secs, spin up 2 and and have the other 2 players fall back to 3, then 4. It's tricky but if you don't let yourself get overwhelmed at the start, it goes a lot faster. Shield generator 3 is always interesting, so I'd recommend a Tac hold that position with the help of 4 security escorts Being careful to not aggro another generator's elite tac is important too. Get two of those jerks on you and you'll be overwhelmed.

Also, high density rifles for knocking back workers is a must. Tacs who can toss plasma on workers at the generator is great too. A worker will not walk into the plasma to bring down the generator. I use that on generator 3 whenever I can. Douse it in flames and back off, by that point there's only about 30 seconds until it's over.

To take down the Klingon Boss, this is easy. Have a sci person get right up in his face and melee him while self healing. Everyone else stay at least 20M away and take pot shots through the shields when you can. Also, our Sci girl loves a nice warm Plasma bath while going toe to toe with the Klink... she says it helps bring him down faster but I think she just likes looking "hot".

Most STFs are best run with 3 tacs, an eng and a sci officer with the tacs calling down security escorts whenever you start getting overrun. If you can keep from being overwhelmed by multiple groups, you should be fine. If you ever find yourself fighting off more than 8 or so enemies at once, you've probably pulled more than one group.

Oh and expose/exploit is always your friend. I'm always toggling between my expose and exploit guns. Good luck!
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# 7
06-07-2010, 12:27 PM
Trueheart has some awesome tips and his method works great...if I can add my 2 cents to the subject...when running any STF missions...bring with you a sniper rifle, high density beam rifle, and whatever AoE weapons that suits your gameplay...ground them all and carry them with you...Hypos and batteries...get alot....I usually carry 140 so that I can give them to my team mates that forgot to bring some. This is just a quick basic items list that I try to get everyone who does STF missions to get...but what good is all this gear if you don't know the tactics involved with getting shields down on the gates...

If you can...try and team up with someone who has done these missions alot...and listen to that persons advice on how to get the shield down...having a rogue element in your team can sometimes cause the team to fail...

....or if you can't find anyone to help lead/guide you through, then do the next best the forums guides/walk throughs...try those out...some tips are better than others...but any advice is better than none...

...and finally if all else fails....try and join an active fleet that does alot of STFs...there should be quite a few in STO on both sides that do alot of STFs....if I didn't join a fleet I would have never done STFs...there are some great people in those fleets....but not all fleets are created equal...

I hope this helps...
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06-07-2010, 02:36 PM
For the gates have 1 person at nodes 1, 2, and 3, with another as a standby for the aggro between 2-3...whoever is covering node 3 will run to node 4 immediately after activating it, and so on down the chain.

Activate the nodes as soon as the beam gets there, and then try to stay 30m off and only shoot the workers that march to the node...if you can setup out of line of sight of the rest of the spawning borg then they shouldn't move at all since they will have nothing to target to.

Stay at max range and knockback/plasma nade the worker/drones that try to reset the nodes....fairly simple.

Amek ia a breeze too, easiest boss in the game.

Theres an end space battle that is timed, but you should have no problem beating it unless you have a horrible setup for your ship.

End Cure

Skip KA (see bottom)

Start Terradome:

Terradome isn't that hard either it just takes time.

Complete the menials until bossfight, detailed below:

Phase I

Boss fight, clear out the incubators, and generators, this should take 3-4 runs of it don't worry they will stay gone.

Phase II

Then have someone find the real sulu via riflebutting him, perferably an engineer, and then kickhim to one of the far corners, and entrap him with a bubble or covershield...but stay there since if he dosen't have an active target he will reset to the center of the room in the midst of the boss fight.

Phase III

Use damage tribbles, and powercells to DPS the base commander, Ignore the remaining sulus, they will die in the pit or the horde will kill them. When the Commander's hp gets to 50% you have 35 seconds , repaeat thats (THIRTY FIVE SECONDS) to kill him, before this wieked AOE goes off that will kiill everything that isn't in the pit. This is by far the most annoying part.

Phase IV

Upon defeating the Base Commander, 50 weak undine or so will flal from the ceiling and try to kill any remainign sulu's...if hes trapped in the corner behind a eng bubble or covershield then he should be fine and you should have no problem killing these.

Phase V:
Profit, end of mission popups and rewards, etc.

Now the way that Cryptic probably wants you to do Terradome.

I, kick real sulu into put

II. use consoles to shut off pit death gas.

III kill sulus,

IV kill boss

this is probably the way that cryptic designed it, but it is much harder and requires much more coordination to hit all 4 consoles, time them, and then keep focus fire DPS up on the base commander. If only Cryptic play tested the STF's they may have foreseen this obstacle, but alas, proper software developmental life-cycle management is never practiced anywhere.

Oh yeah and just wait until you get to KA, its near impossible to just pass Phase I without 3/4ths of the team as tac's....which is quite stupid, ideally you should be able to complete any STF with any personnel configurationa and almost any ship type...but alas this falls on deaf ears and will continue to do so until Into the Hive comes out and maybe requires KA completed in order to run it. Then maybe Cryptic will do something.
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06-08-2010, 02:58 AM
my fleet spent a lot of time on this one, and got seriously frustrated... but now, we have the "Preset strategy" (named after creator)

For shield nodes:

- take out first spawn, except Elite.
- 2 person stay behind at n1 and work on the elite
- The others runs past n2, activating it, and position themselves to the side about 30m past n2
- When group 2 spawn, the 3-man group start sniping the workers. DON NOT AGGRO THE GROUP AT n2!
- If any workers make it to n2, the 2 at n1 will also snipe them
- 3 man group proceed to activates n3
- 1 man from n3 group runs immediately to n4 and 'hides' there
- defend n3, and snipe any workers going for n2

Using this strategy, we can usually get the Cure done in less than 2 hours, and with 0-1 respawns. and we are all just casual players out to have fun!
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# 10
06-08-2010, 06:58 PM
I was hoping after the mind-numbing dullness that was Infected and the stupid annoyance that is the "Simmons Says" blue circle of team-gibbing, The Cure would be better.

Oh I was so, so wrong.

The Armek of Borg boss fight is the worst. The basic way of beating it is scatter a long way from the boss and let a Science char with a physician kit bat'leth him to death while you go take a bio-break, make a sandwich, and take a nap. Sure, you can get it done a little quicker by tempting the AoE of Doom, but why bother?

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