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I would like to propose the idea of a Offline Character and Ship Customization Creator.

This would be available through the C-Store, It would allow you to download the most up to date Character and Ship Bits, that are available to your account and allow you to design different styles and customization options while not having to be on STO, then once completed the design can up ported to STO at which point you go to the tailor or ship customization and pay the appropriate EC to change your character/ship from its current state to the new one. With all of this in mind the In game functionality would still remain in place. This only adds the option of being able to work with those same functions primarily when a internet connection is not available or if they would rather have a light weight program to work from initially before loading up STO.

Future Applications to this type of idea could also include the offline design of player driven content.

Additional features:

If this type of program could be created for use on the PC, IPhone, and Android this would also allow for time being spent offline to be focused on STO.

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