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Just what the post says on the tin. Take a few moments to write down some features you would like to see in a game. It can be wacky or serious, just have fun and be constructive. If you see a feature that you know is in a game or is being implemented, let everyone know

I would like to see a game that allows for true world changes in an MMO. I have heard that GW2 is doing something like this, but it would be nice to see more than one attempt a feat like this.

I would also like to see a game that is multiplayer with Oblivion style skill system. i.e. the "do athletic things to bump up athletics" etc.

What do you want to see?
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06-07-2010, 04:24 PM
I'd make a space MMO where customization is 100% unlimited.

Players can build ships right from the components, not just the interior ones like STO, but they can graft hull pieces together using a hardpoint system.

Even create technology the same way by grafting components and science principles.
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06-07-2010, 04:44 PM
That sounds like a neat idea. I think Galactic Civilization had something like that. Is this what you speak of?
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06-07-2010, 06:10 PM
I'd say that, if I could make a game as I wished to, with all the little bits and pieces that I could... it'd be an MMO version of Heroes of Might and Magic.

And no, I'm not talking Legends of Might and Magic. That was a travesty.

Basic concepts of the game... you start as a fresh character. Completely. You pick your race, your gender, you go through and design your appearance... but aside for that, and the basic racial talents, everyone is the same. There's no distinction of class. You do tasks that open up various things later on, and your character class starts to evolve later based on how much and how well you do in those tasks. You want to be a healer? Well, you need to learn about healing, and actually do it. Not spells... herbs, medicines, poultices. How about a rogue? Better learn to stick to the shadows, then, because stealth doesn't work in the open when you're still learning. Let's get more basic... what about a fighter? Think you can pick up a sword and swing it more effectively than "pointy side goes into the bad thing"?

Honestly, I'd see it more along the lines of a classless circling system. All abilities are available. You do them. As you progress certain abilities so high, you start to shape your class, and get access to special abilities unique to it. Leveling other sets of abilities higher, you start to shift your class. Or, perhaps, grow into a hero class. A mage starts to become an archmagus by leveling certain additional abilities... or perhaps, starts to become a lich by leveling others.

Those, are useable abilities, though. Things you advance by doing and practicing. You also have "trained" abilities. These are more limited in the number you can have and how high you can train in them, based on your overall character level. And they may not be necessarily trained... such as Nobility. This skill, when taken, would allow a character that conquers a land, to lay claim to it as their own fifedom and build their own town on it (more on conquering later). Another trained skill, Lore, would give a character access to more details of myths and legends, giving them an advantage to questing for ancient artifacts, or defeating mythical beasts.

The one other thing you have at character selection, is faction. Any race can become part of any faction. Doesn't matter. Now, the interesting thing... the factions are independant of each other. There's no set wars, no set alliances. Not only that, individual fifedoms make up the factions, and are not necessarily bound to what everyone else does. So you may have two fifedoms of the same faction, one at peace with a neighboring faction, the other at war with it. Or, they may be at war with each other, too. Your general faction is just the starting point, though. Like your character, you evolve later. You forge your own alliances. You suffer your own rivals... or make them to suffer. And at the cataclysm, the strongest fifedoms are deemed the winners (more on cataclysm later).

Now, I've talked about fifedoms and conquering lands and such. What's that all about? Simple. The world starts fresh. There's a capitol city for each faction, which is where all members of that faction start. The lands around... untamed. The players go out, and tame them. The first areas, surrounding the capitol, will always have things to do for the younglings. But outside that region, the lands will be vast, with both marauding and indigeonous enemies. The longer an area remains untamed, the larger those enemy groups get. Early areas, close to the capitol, they'll still be fairly small, but out in the reaches... by the time players get out there, there will be armies for them to defeat. There will also be a main enemy to defeat. When they and their army are crushed, the land becomes a temporary part of that faction. The player leading the army that destroyed them, if they have the Nobility skill, can lay claim to the land immediately, in which case it becomes a permanent part of their faction. Not only that, the player owning that land, can build their own town in it (this would be an advanced feature, I'll let this alone here).

Owning land, though, gets to be effective management of that land. You have to get resources from mines. Set up trade agreements if you don't have enough of a particular resource for the needs of your city. Building a guard to defend your lands. Building an army to go and conquer more. Yes, you would actually control NPCs as an army... not only the size and strength of your player party is a factor, but the size and strength of your NPC army. You wouldn't control the army, per se, and I'm not quite sure how the mechanic would fully work, but there would be effects of it on your party and the enemy's party.

By this point in the game, the player (and their house/guild) are directly controlling the evolution of the world. Taking over lands, building more for their own power. From these lands, they set out to find fame and riches. The ultimate beings quests for ancient artifacts. Some of which are so powerful, there is only one in the game. Those are usually combinations of other artifacts, with one key item that makes the whole of them incredibly powerful. The quest for these items can be extremely long... and for good reason. Wielding the final product makes a character into a nearly unbeatable powerhouse. Wielding two... they would be godlike.

Which brings to the final thing. The world would be finite. When certain conditions are met, the world suffers a cataclysm. At the point of the cataclysm, the player's current character or characters fall into myth and legend. Players then start over fresh, with new characters in a new, freshly generated and pristine world. New lands to conquer. New beasts to slay. New fame to be gotten, and a new path to forge. Or, players can stay on the old world with their legend character. However, that world becomes hard-fixed. No conquest, no artifact quests, nothing that makes the game a living, breathing world.

As to how cataclysms would happen, several conditions. Most likely ones would be one player amassing most of the lands (this would, by the way, be nearly impossible), a particular faction defeating all other factions' capitol cities and taking them over, or two ancient artifacts of opposite powers being brought together on the battlefield. Two opposing generals meeting on the field, and crossing blades... say, one wielding an ancient sword of Life, and the other an ancient sword of Death, would possibly cause a cataclysm. There would be other conditions as well, but they would be tied to significantly major events or conditions.

I'd also think about having scribes in the game. People who would watch from a GM perspective, all the happenings in the game, and then jot them down. Two player armies meet. Who was involved? What was the outcome? What was gained or lost during the exchange? Did anything significant occur, such as a new artifact being wielded for the first time? These people would watch, and they would write and chronicle these events. These would evolve in the story of the world. And you might even see some people become legends, both in the current world, and possibly in other worlds post-cataclysm.

... anyway, yeah, that'd be my idea for a game. Some of my ideas for it, anyway.
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06-08-2010, 01:21 AM
I'd make a space mmo based on mass effect
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06-08-2010, 01:33 AM
I'd make a St game similar to ST:O but based on what fans wanted

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