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So I have submitted two tickets for an issue with the C-Store taking points, but not recognizing that I bought the Comet Ship Skin. I followed the steps from the first ticket, but unfortunately they did not work.
I submitted a second ticket explaining the steps I had taken, an explanation of the steps the last ticket told me to follow, and my last ticket number. Here is my most recent support ticket.

"On June 3rd I purchased the Comet ship skin from the C-Store and it deducted the correct cost for the skin. It did not however, grant me access to the Comet Skin for the Recon Science Vessel class anywhere in the ship customization NPC and it still is shown as available for purchase. I have checked under the advanced tab, I have restarted the game many times, I have switched to another ship and then back to my Recon Science Vessel as suggested in ticket #880256. None of these "solutions" have worked. I would have not bothered with the this ticket, but I do not have enough points to simply buy it again and I don't feel like spending 6.25$ US in order to buy one item. If it would be possible to either add the Comet Skin to my account or add the needed Cryptic Points to purchase the Comet Ship Skin again, that would be great."

And the response I got was from support was...

"Hello, Have you checked the Advanced options in the ship tailor? The unlocked ship skins are available there as part of the drop-down options for each part of the ship. If you need further assistance, please contact our in game support. Many commonly asked gameplay questions may be answered by asking other players in-game and or by visiting our FAQ page: (http://startrekonline.com/support). If you find you no longer need assistance with this issue you may close this ticket. Thank you for playing!"

Have I not been contacting in game support this whole time? I have been submitting these tickets through the in game ticket submission system... is there another way to contact support that does not require a day+ turn around? I don't mind waiting on the phone, but it seems that the phone support number is gone...

No Cryptic bashing please in this thread, I am just looking for some answers to my questions...

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