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# 1 ST:Sheffield - Wargames
06-08-2010, 07:24 AM
How it could've turned out....

[space: USS Sheffield at warp]
Captains Log, supplemetal: We have been given the task of wargames against the USS Oklahoma to test the ships abilities. Not that I object strongly, but I do feel that the ship has already been proven. However, we shall see what use it is.

[cut to bridge]
M'Kal (helm): Captain, we are reaching the location for the wargames.
Ben Faraday (Captain): Exit warp, 1/4 impulse. Full sensor sweeps - I don't want to be caught out.
James Kinder (Operations): Starting scanning. *pause* Captain, 3 ships detected. 2 Federation, one Ferengi.
Ben Faraday: Main viewscreen!

[cut to bridge - viewscreen. The Devon is severely battered and bruised, with several fires and leaks. The Oklahoma is suffering only minor damage and is performing evasive mounovers as torpedos from the Ferengi vessel explode ]
Ben Faraday: Status!
James Kinder: The USS Oklahoma is fighting the Ferengi ship, captain. The USS Devon is disabled.

[cut to bridge]
Ben Faraday: Satonn, load weapons and up shields. Helm, intercept course, maximum warp. Ops, hail the Oklahoma and the Devon.
James Kinder: *pause* No response.
Ben Faraday: Helm, stop near the battle. Prepare to fire warning shot to the Ferengi vessel. Fire!

[cut to space. Sheffield fires at the Ferengi vessel, causing a few panels to come loose and 2 to fall off]

[cut to bridge]
Ops: Sir, we're being hailed.
Faraday: Main viewscreen.

[cut to bridge viewscreen]
unnamed Ferengi: You have no right to put your nose in where it's not wanted, hewmons. I suggest you return to Earth.
Daff (1st Officer): We'll leave when you stop firing at the Oklahoma.
unnamed Ferengi: never! The Devon is ours now!
[bridge viewscreen goes back to space view]
Faraday: Helm, begin manouvers. Ok, Satonn, fire phasers, and ready torpedos. Target the Ferengi's weaponry and engines.
Satonn (cheif of Security): Aye sir. Torpedos 1 & 2 ready to fire. Targeting now, sir.

[cut to space. Sheffield phaser strips light and fire at the Ferengi vessel. It's engines cut out, and then the entire Ferengi ship loses power]

[cut to bridge]
Faraday: Helm, move us in to the Devon. Ops, hail the...
Ops: Sir, incoming from the Oklahoma!
Faraday: Viewscreen!

[cut to bridge - viewscreen. Captain Meggran, a Bajoran, is wrapping bandages aorund her hand and medical doctors and nurses tend to injured crew]
Meggran: Good job we had these wargames Faraday. We needed them. Our transporters are knocked out, and with the Devon nearly destroyed, can you beam over to see what their status is? Cause then we can begin repairs

[cut to faraday]
Faraday: Alright.

[cut to bridge - viewscreen]
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# 2
06-08-2010, 07:34 AM
And nowhere in there is a CMO or nurse present.

I rest my case.
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# 3
06-08-2010, 07:51 AM
That's great MG, a nice railroad.

Still, never was was actually going to happen that way. In RP, like war, the plan never survives contact with the enemy/Players.

also, Giveing NPCs the stuff that players are ment to do is just a good way to **** people off.

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