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# 1 BO Transfers
06-10-2010, 05:14 AM
it would be cool to have an alt character that is just a BO and can serve different ships while they are moving up in their own ranks. I suppose after you maxed out your BO you could have it transfer to your main character's ship but they wont be much more better than what you can get. But the point is that when you dont want to play your main character or characters you could play your alt BOs and help all the other captains online because they could choose between a real person or the computer. So if the real person leaves the computer character takes over. As a BO you are only in charge of your station but the camera could run differently and it gives the crew time to communicate. On the ground it would be the point of a BO to protect the Captain or they would boot you but do you see the opportunity for a more online game. The system in place is fine I just think with this one eventually all the BOs will be user generated and with everyone cross training all the time the game would only get better. The info tab would become full because it would basically be your resume, maybe user BOs could get accolades too. User Captains would choose from a list of online BOs and then user BOs could accept the duty invite after viewing the Captain's info. I know you can do all this in teams and fleets but breaking it down further makes it more in depth and in turn people will RP the various positions more better because it will be more of a requirement than an option as a BO. If a captain prefer dull BOs then keep playing the way it is. But if the user chooses to purposely play a supporting role it makes the main part of the game more friendly and even the craziest red shirts can quickly get all the help they need from people who have already gotten to the highest rank . So at the level you can start PvP you could start working with real BOs.
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# 2
06-10-2010, 06:53 AM
Originally Posted by KiLLaH-K
Please, itīs hard to read things like this. :p

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