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Generally, I like the Accolade system. But it has room for improvement.

Here are my suggestions:
  1. The Accolade Page should get a Key Bind like the Captain's Log and Mission Page, that way we can access the it faster.
  2. The Accolade Tab, should have drop downs or buttons similar to the character page, to help sort the different sections better than having to rely on the "In Progress" and "Completed" tabs.
  3. The day's accolades being displayed in a subsection or being highlighted, for fast reference.
  4. Similar Accolades (Level 1, 2, and 3) should have a single page than different accolade tabs. (Save some clutter).
  5. Missions that had accolades that you missed, should be displayed. That way you can go back and redo it (when replays are implemented).
  6. Accolade Overall Score (so STO players can see the total accolades currently in the STO system).
  7. Accolades with Bonuses, should list these bonuses out. (Not all are listed on the Space and Ground Passives Tab on your Character Page. (For example: The "Assimilate This" accolade.)

Need Rethinking:
  • Outside of B'Tran, exploration zones having 70 Exploration missions is a bit excessive. Most people out level Exploration zones within a 5 Exploration missions.
  • Deep Space Encounter Accolades having 70 per zone is way excessive. Especially when it takes around 10 missions to get promoted to the next teir, and higher teirs require you to find an "In Battle" contact, in order to continue the accolade. Which can be difficult at best. So either the accolade numbers need to be reduced, or an all-tier access is granted.
  • Gorn / Nausicaan / Orion / Hirogen races. Given the Level 3 accolades are 1000 kills, even after doing exploration zones for accolades, this number is a bit excessive. And for Klingon players, these are accolades that will never be completed, since they initialize these accolades when gathering crew for the first time.
So these races need more apperances to help players be able to accomplish these accolades.

  • Bloodied, War Hero, Order of the Bat'leth, Federation Foil, Wanted by Seciton 31, Scourge of Starfleet Accolades: Easy for Klingon players to get, but Impossible for Federation Players to complete it, since you can't kill fellow Federation (Mirror Universe doesnt' count).
  • Soldier / Warrior / Champion of the Empire, Warrior Spriit, Great House Master, Decendant of Kahless Accolades: Easy for Federation Players to get, but Impossible for Klingon Players to complete.
  • So I suggest these accolades be faction restricted or that there are missions that have you able to complete these accolades.

Ground PvP accolades: Well for most, this is a rather tricky accolade, since Ground PvP is as barren as the desert. Especially in FvF and KvK sections.
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# 2
06-12-2010, 06:17 AM
* Soldier / Warrior / Champion of the Empire, Warrior Spriit, Great House Master, Decendant of Kahless Accolades: Easy for Federation Players to get, but Impossible for Klingon Players to complete.
It is completely pointless that ONLY FEDS can get these titles/accolades. I suggest these titles - not accolades self, just player titles - should be exclusive to the KDF, and have a different goal (different type of enemy to kill).

Titles that are so clearly linked to a species - in this case Klingons - it should at least be possible to get them in the faction, if not be limited to them. Same for 'Syndicate Boss' - and I say that though its the title my Fed currently uses. Its an Orion title, so it should be for KDF players (its another 'wrong' enemy type; there are no roaming Orions on KDF side).
I also think some titles need changes. Why would 'Set to kill' and 'Seperated' be player titles, while others (actual titles that describe a person/occupation) are not? I mean 'Privateer', 'Pirate' and 'Smuggler', all just accolade names, not titles, but they would be very nice for KDF players, where Orions and Nausicaans refer to them. Just as example, there are some other 'random word' titles, and other 'real title' non-titles. If that makes sense.

Sidenote: 'Hitman' is bugged. It shows as completed, but I can't use the title and the power isn't listed.
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# 3
06-12-2010, 01:43 PM
I agree, some titles don't make sense. Like Federation players getting the "Decendant of Kahless" title, when thats more appropriately a Klingon one.
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# 4 And then...
06-12-2010, 07:00 PM
I would love to see non combat/story accolades as well, like, an accolade for maxing out 500/500 for all crafting. Or an accolade for having bred every tribble out there. Or, for the mini-games, Winning X amount of dabo games in a row, or over your lifetime.

Maybe silly ones , like "Ramming Speed" for blowing up a Borg cube by ramming it and living to tell the tale, or even better, for not!

Also, some of the story ones, should be retrograded if your database can establish that a certain mission was indeed completed. I.e for those RA's that have most certainly killed the ISS Molly but still don't have the "Son of Smiley" accolade.

Another neat feature (now, you might have this but since I'm not in a fleet yet I don't know) that when you gain an accolade that it displays in Fleet Chat so everyone can share in the feat.

Also, with the titles gained, maybe allow some of them to be displayed after the characters name. So instead of Annihilator Suki, it could read Suki the Annihilator.

I would also love to see accolades that not only confer a title or buff, but maybe the rare, hard to do, multi-part ones might offer an item.

At any rate, I like the accolade system, and would love to see it go from cool, to awesome.
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# 5
06-12-2010, 09:02 PM
I agree with non-combat accolades. All mentioned above sound good.
For crafting, you could get mini accolades per profession (like Weapon Smith for maxing out Tac, Chief Engineer for Eng and Published Scientist for Sci) and if you max out all, you get a special title like 'Innovator' or 'Tinkerer'. Tribble breeding should also give something fun, "Tribble Farmer" or "Veterinarian" or something.

I was also really hoping for some Exchange related titles, for selling X items in a certain period of time or overall sales value or... really anything that would unlock titles like Merchant, Trader, Businessman. A Ferengi as 'Syndicate Boss' doesn't really get the point, and its the only title from the kinda-profit related accolades. Smuggler, Pirate, Mercenary, Privateer, these would all work better, also for Nausicaans and Orions. Last but not least, it would be a reward for people using the Exchange to sell things, not store them at ridicolous prices to save bank slots.

Suggestion: Mercenary - accolade and title for killing equal numbers of own and enemy factions in PvP. Like, first stage 100 Fed kills AND 100 KDF kills, next 250 of each, and at 500 of each (overall 1000 kills), you get the title and a power (maybe small % resistance to phasers and disruptors, as they are the 'default' weapons the factions use).
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# 6
07-03-2010, 07:27 AM
I just want to see a list of accolades that have not been obtained that I don't have any progress towards. It's hard to earn credit for something that you may not know exists.
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# 7 Version 2.0
07-03-2010, 08:07 AM
We need a round 2.0. Hope to see it sooner then later. Gear not being a real issue to get players need something to do. Another round of Acclades would help.
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# 8
07-08-2010, 02:48 AM
Something to do? There's already over 350 accolades out there.

By the way, it is possible to get the "Kill Federation Officers" missions through War Games and Shutdown. And you can kill Federation ships in "Crack in the Mirror" (submission O'Brien's Folley).
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# 9
07-08-2010, 03:32 AM
There are a couple of Spread Sheets out there that list ALL or at least Most of the available Accodlades. That could be Printed out and laid out on your desktops for reference purposes. That should get you through the tough times till the drop arrows are done.
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# 10
07-11-2010, 11:22 AM
I just want on the Accolades listing page, a seperation of Starship(Ship) accolades, vs Ground(Captian) accolades

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