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Originally Posted by Zachary186
((Someone should start a Pokemon Battle Tournament thread so we don't take up to much room in this one. We'll all have to have Battle Revolution to battle with Battle Revolution via wi-fi. We were going to use the 4th generation DS games.))
Inspired by a friendly competition between Zachary and Erica, I present the official Ten Forward Pokemon Battle Tournement thread.

From whhat I have heard, the tournement will mostly be (if not all) 4th Generation DS Pokemon games. Anyone who is interested can post below with their name and friend code(s) and we'll hook ya up with someone to battle after we get enough in.

I'll go ahead and post the games I have, but I'll get the friend codes posted either tomorrow or Monday, as these tend to change on me when I use my DS and DSi.

I also have Pokemon Battle Revolution if anyone wants to compete that way if they have the game.

Diamond: Player- Zero Friend Code-
Pearl: Player- Caitlyn Friend Code-
Platnium: Player- Zachery Friend Code-
SoulSilver: Plauer- Iaeger Friend Code-

Battle Revolution:
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06-12-2010, 09:18 PM
I think I still have Platinum laying around somewhere. But as I recall, just before I stopped playing, I had re-started the game so my pokemon probably suck right now. But I'll try to find it anyway.

*commences rummaging through boxes of childhood toys, video games, and baseball cards...

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