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# 1 Racial Ships
06-11-2010, 08:08 AM
One thing I would like to see in the C-store is the racial ships from the KDF races. I would love to fly an Orion ship for my Orion officer. The ships are out there so it sould not be too hard to make the playalbe.
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# 2
06-11-2010, 12:13 PM
This is something that will happen one day, too many people have requested it. The big problem (my opinion) will be balance in PvP. Things like cloak, hull, shields, turn rate and BO slots.

I don't recall Orions or Gorn ever having cloak and there is no reason for the Klingons to give them that tech. If they won't have cloak, they will need more hull and shields to keep the balance in for their ships. Now you have to deal with how they will balance with Klingon cloakable ships against the Federation. Can you see the issues they have to deal with?

It will happen....but since the Klingon faction lacks the numbers, they will have to focus on the bigger player base first.

Here's the good news about new ships from the Ask Cryptic Q/A

Q: Jaesun: Will we ever see a Klingon ship for referral rewards?

A: I think that is a good possibility. Right now we are looking at bumping the level cap for the game, and that means trying to get new ships into the game for everyone. So those new ships will be getting first priority.
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# 3
06-15-2010, 12:29 AM
I agree with both of you. I want these ships really bad - especially a Talon for my Nausicaan - and I also want a Vulcan sci vessel and Ferengi D'Kora for my Feds. I can wait for it, and am confident it will happen one day. However, I don't want all of that in the C-Store. KDF ships already have way less customization than Feds, so to be fair, they should get some basic models for free in the shipyard.

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