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Way back when, one of the extra's in the DDE peaked my interest; the Khaaan emote.

However since beta it's remained the same generic scream emote that bears no resemblance to what Kirk did in the movie. Unfortunately due to it's lack of exposure my complaints went unheard by Cryptic. So i'm hoping, now that people are able to very specifically buy this emote and see it for themselves, that i'll be able to get enough support to have this emote changed to resemble Kirks actions in the movie.

Some starters:
Kirk holds up a communicator in his left hand when he screams. The emote just thumps it's arms down like an angry child.

Kirk doesn't close his eyes during the scream. The emote does.

Kirk doesn't lift his head skyward when he screams. The emote does.

Kirk's face scrunches up a little however he doesn't show his teeth until he actually screams. The emote does this backwards, showing teeth in the sneer but none in the scream.

So c'mon guys, even Family Guy got a better rendition of the Khan scream than what we have now.
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06-15-2010, 10:01 PM
I totally agree with this.

I bought the "Khaan" emote expecting my Captain to act just like The Kirk when I entered the emote.
No such luck. Not even close.
No Kirk voice screaming Khan either? Seriously? SO lame...

Please fix this emote. I mean, we be paying the moolah for it, so... Fix it!
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06-15-2010, 10:17 PM
Oi.. I didn't even realise it was bugged... It would be nice if it works as in the movie, but to me it's a very minor issue since I hardly use it. (Had it since the start from DDE.)

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