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Greetings all,

This seems like the best place for this. I have been working up some BO designs based on the standard crew positons on the shows. With that in mind here is the first in what I hope to be a series.

This is a BO that would represent your ships Chief Medical Officer (CMO or Ship's Doctor). Examples would be Dr. Crusher or Dr. McCoy.

Ideal Rank: Cmdr. Most Medical Doctors in the military come in at a pretty high rank, in Star Trek that appears to be Cmdr., which is the maximum BO rank.

Ground Skills
These skills best represent what a doctor would know and be capable of. This is where a CMO shines.

The Basic Doctor

These skills represent the healing aspects that a Doctor exemplifies. Choosing from these gives a very traditional doctor type.
Hypospray - Masiform D
Hypospray – Melorazine
Medical Tricorder
Nanite Health Monitor
Vascular Regenerator

For a more aggressive doctor, these skills allow a doctor to help in combat without breaking the Hippocratic Oath.
Anesthizine Gas
Neural Neutralizer
Stasis Field

These skills are much more aggressive and while they could be considered a “medical” skill, they certainly push the limits as they either deal damage or are not really medical focused.
Hyperonic Radiation
Sonic Pulse
Tricorder Scan

For space abilities, a Doctor does not really shine much. Again, I focus on things that seem more in-line with a Doctors abilities.

Traditional Doctor Options
Photonic Officer (Probably the best from an RP stand point. The Doctor calls for the EMH!)
Science Team (Sadly works on shields, but could be considered a medical team.)

Other recommended powers are things that do not do damage, but could still be useful. Pretty much anything is open here. I do recommend things like Transfer Shield Strength and Hazard Emitters. However, if you run a non-science vessel, you really only have to worry about the Ensign and Lt. Powers.

Here is the example of the CMO that I am trying to develop for Capt. Dallas.

Ensign – Ground
Hypospray - Masiform D I
Ensign – Space
Science Team I
Lt. - Ground
Vascular Regenerator I
Lt. - Space
Photonic Officer I
Lt. Cmdr. - Ground
Medical Tricorder III
Cmdr. - Ground
Nanite Health Monitor III
(I did not list the Lt. Cmdr. and Cmdr. skills for space as I don’t plan on a science vessel at Admiral.)

Please let me know what you think. I will try to post some other BOs soon.


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