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How did that idiotic and un-removable neck bandanna survive the QA process? It looks so preposterous that words almost fail me when grasping for superlatives to describe the 'fail' that must have been involved in allowing it to to be released like that...

...and seeing as the Fed version does not have it, some genius actually decided to add it:

Art Department Wonk One: "Hey guys! Lets add that goofy Klingon female bandanna to the Klingon Borg BOff! You know, the one that always clips with the dreads and that we decided to make un-removable for all the other Klingon female toons!!

Art Department Wonk Two: "Great idea, dude! Clipping For The Win! The Fed players will be so jealous!"


And why oh why is it not removable from all Klingon female toons? It is probably just a matter of changing a setting from 0 to 1 to make the frigging thing go away

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