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The Refer a Friend program is such a joke, the "friend" is only allowed to play the tutorial section of the game (fyi, in case you forgot - 80% of it is ground combat - the worst feature in this game). What happened to the 7 day and 14 day free trials that were so popular? why can't someone just play through the game like a normal account and then on day 7 say - PLEASE BUY, KTHX!

Cryptic doesn't even know how to get subs to refer friends to a game - now that is sad.

My idea (aka WoW's Trial Model):

-No Trading
-No Talking (except to the friend whom referred you)
-No Limits other than the above two mentioned

There yah go Craptic, now you don't have to spend 20$/hr on a monkey to figure that out for you!

btw i was |--| close to buying the game until i finished the tutorial after 10 minutes and the game said, OKAY! YOU BUY NOW!

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06-17-2010, 03:16 AM
I just started a new character so I have the tutorial fresh in mind, and I had a lot of fun with my drug-addict boxer who ripped Borg drones apart. My only problem is that the game never tells you what awesome stuff you can do with an empty weapon slot. But that's what the friend can do. As far as I heard the key allows you to play the tutorial and the SS Azura mission. While it's not much it gives a good feeling what the game is about (even though the first patrol mission with it's non-combat part would be nice too).
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06-17-2010, 11:35 AM
I haven't played the free trial, but if it saved you from wasting 1 dollar on this certainly did you a favor.

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