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# 1 Quest and describition
06-17-2010, 12:07 AM
Well the last Week i could spent a lot of time playing Star Trek Online, because a long term illness. Well i've done a lot of quest because i've simply see the little icon a a space apearing or seeing the "popup" Message saying you have to do a quest at this area.

But at all i take out one of the Quest "Go to lauredian Nebula" ... well ok - there is this Nebula? I've "driving" around the space and looked about a good hour to find the lauredian and the nebula system to get in touch with my quest.

The Quest itself now presented at a form like with

[Level] - Name - Short describtion

[LC2] - Go to lauredian Nebula - ....

The Areas listens "above" the Questlist but do not shown the real sector at all.

The Idea - the Questlist should get some colour.

1) The Quest got a little Icon showing the Area (blue Sol / Sirus and so on)
2) Green ( Romlus Space )
3) Red ( Klingon Space )
4) Doublecolour [White|Green = Unexplored Space found at Romulus Sector // White|Red at Klingon Space / White/Blue at Sol Space )

4) The Describtion than would be [Icon Blue/Red/Green or Doublecolour] -[Level] - [AreaName] - [Questname]

5) The Storylinemission are written in "Goldencolour" so you see this is a quite "needed Mission"

6) Fleetoperation shown in Bold Letters and PvP Missions in Red

So the people would have a quick overview of that they have to do and THERE they have to do

At all i have seen the moving around and finding the stuff is really not as easy it should like. But this are only my two cents

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