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# 1 Skilldescribition
06-17-2010, 12:13 AM
The Skills at the game also need some really better describtion. I have problems to choose if i take, for example, torpedo enhancedment, because i don't know if the bonus of this skill also works for all kind of torpedos or not.

This problem i encounter at multiple skills. The Description should not cover informations like "Enhance the ower of Emergency Shield Power" <- i've taken this because this is one part of the information gaven at the technical skills -> but should says :

"If you skill this you will receive + xyz % to Shield + xyz% to Shield regeneration and + xyz% of recovert Shield power if you're using Emergency Shield modules or Skills describing that they recovering shield power"

So you will have a good overview of the Skills and that you could choose to enhance the "powers" you want to.

Same for Weapons

"If you skill this you will receive + xyz % damage to ALL|Specific|Subclass of weapons Damage and so on"

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