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I think that you guys put so much effort in the game it wonderfull i cant help take images with the hud turned off and im shooting the enemy down over some beautiful planet and asteroids, its awesome but when flying though it at max impulse astroids just bounce of you and you dont need to dodge at all. and you get into a habit of just pushing v and flying in a straight line scan item push v fly straight. if you added damage for that it would indeed add a whole new layer of the game. you could make it hard to get through certain astroided intensive areas, bigger astroides should do more damage, the faster the impact and so on. hold monthly space races around sectors flying through astroids and hot suns that cause heat and radiation then fly though a an intesnse gun battary platform testing your shields and speed maybe even cryptic special items for winning and for badges of what ever you want to call it and also force people to explore your really awesome game if anything from this to take is not so much the races as much as not just flying straight and pushing v

Love the game

Sakaki Kunzaki

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