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06-19-2010, 07:54 AM
I don't know if this is a bug or not.

I did the Azura mission with a new character - rescued all 12 crew members, and I was pretty sure the Engineering crew followed my guy back to the exit room - but when I completed the mission and checked to see if I got the Above and Beyond accolade, it said I still needed to lead the Engineering crew out.

I logged onto another of my characters, a Lt Commander, to see if he had that accolade - he did not - only had 8/12 crew rescued. Okay.

I logged onto another character, also a Lt Commander, one that I haven't played in over a week - zing! He was awarded the Above and Beyond accolade.

Logged back onto the new character, thinking maybe it was some kinda weird lag-like effect and he'll get it now - but nothing happened.

Logged onto another character, this one an RA5. Zing! Was awarded the Above and Beyond accolade.

Logged onto another character, a Commander - zing! He was awarded the Above and Beyond accolade.

Logged onto my RA5 Science guy just to see what would happen - he didn't get it and doesn't have it - evidently he didn't get the Engineering team out, either, way back when he was at that level.

So, uh... what the heck is going on? Anyone else have anything like that happen?

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