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# 1 Looked for it did not find it
06-19-2010, 06:45 PM
Well while I'm sure it has been reported, (400000 eleventy billion times), but on the random chance it has not been, (and I don't wanna wade though page after page of bug reports), I had three random issues that seemed to have no ryme or reason to them. In a couple of the patrol missions my away team ran to a huge boulder and then camp the inside of it leaveing my all by my lonesome to respawn/death march kill the mission. (launched a bug ticket with planet info mission name etc).

Second, in random missions but usually missions that involve beaming to any planet, I would sacn for things and find some locations way off the map where you could not get to them such as the 3 or 4th anomaly (sry if i spelled that wrong horrid speller here at the end of my work day), so trying to get close only made the leave system option and so forth. (thought about launching ticket but I figured it would be better here than sounding petty to a gm, god my R&D suffers a little but not that much lewl).

Thirdly, in about two or three ground mission out of 20 or so I found, (sorry on the mispelling again), two or three anomalys just a hair below the groumd surface the would not let themselves be scanned.

Over all as a new subscriber here's so happy feed back. God i love this game so far. It's every thing I had been waiting for and I wish i would have been able to jump in sooner. LTS soon.

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