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# 1 Fleet calendar behaves strange
06-20-2010, 03:52 AM

I just tried to open a support ticket to the Cryptic support team, but it says "Profanity detected, which is not allowed in a support ticket". I tried to change some of the lines that MIGHT be the reason for this, but failed apparently.

So I am posting this here in order to, maybe, get some help from the community and perhaps a GM.

Here's my original support ticket.


I don't know really whether this is a bug, or not, but maybe you will be able to determine what it is, actually. I added two events (that repeat weekly) to my fleet's event calendar yesterday and since that time, every member of the fleet gets the message "Changed: Rollenspiel auf Deep Space Nine - 6/20/2010 Sunday 6:31pm" everytime one of us changes the sector.

Wouldn't it be better to show event messages once (maybe after the login) instead of around 200 times per online-session, which is - after a time - rather annoying?

Furthermore - I don't know, whether time zones are taking a serious and important role in this - it occurs, that the event in the Fleet Calendar shows the date "June 20 Sunday 8:29PM" (which is absolutely correct) while the message our fleets' members get says "6:31PM".
It also happened that an event I tried to edit (the time was 11PM, which was incorrect and the reason for me to change it, actually) an event so that the time was "8:30PM" and the event now says - instead of the new time - "cancelled". I can only imagine that this has got something to do with different time zones. I am from Germany and play the game in English language. Maybe this combination of things has somehow messed it up a bit?

However, thanks for reading.

Best regards,
Asora Lightwave
Thanks in advance.
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# 2
09-29-2010, 02:09 PM
I want to post a general call to improve the fleet calendar. It is virtually useless.

I am the event coordinator for our fleet, so today I sign on to schedule events for the Devidian series (5 events). It only allowed me to schedule three of the events. I found somewhere on the forums that that is the limit per account. This is WAY too low.

This could be a great tool, one both the Fleet Admiral and I were excited to see when it appeared. We quickly lost all enthusiasm. I try to use it, but the limitations are just too great.

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