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# 1 Learning from the present
06-21-2010, 05:01 AM

Thought I'd start a thread (forgivness sought if thread has already been made) to discuss some observations in KlvF PvP. Just came through LtCmdr and now Cmdr 2.

Now, before i ask the question, I'd like to ask the favor of not having this thread move into the realm of Nerfville to discuss the little Nerflings..... Hopely it will not also visit the quiet town of OP to hear the mayor of OP provide the typical speach of OPness.

Having said this, here goes....

Seems in PvP as of late (I mostly PUG, I know a regular team is better) the Fedball has 2-3 cruiser, 1-2 escorts and a science. A well balanced ball. Though Klinks are used to playing togheter and have some sense of team work.... 4-5 BoP cannot match a balanced ball....

Should I role a different ship or stay with the BoP and build it different (current aggressive build).

Your suggestion for ship and BOff's to help balance PvP?

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# 2
06-21-2010, 05:40 AM
Scramble Sensors + Gravity Well and if you've got room for it Tyken's Rift. Then back off asap with the Battle Cloak and see your fellow BoPs tear them to pieces.

Personally I get real close and at about 3 or 4 km I decloak, fire scramble and do a sensor jam on the Sci ship. I pop RSP and wait for the chaos to start. A little Photonic Fleet later and you've got the fedball in a blind panic. They are easy pickings then, also handy to have is a Photonic Shockwave. It knocks em about and stuns em for a bit giving you time to buff up and unload into the escorts and Sci ships first. This does however require some teamwork from your fellow Klings so be sure to group up with them.
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# 3
06-22-2010, 01:40 AM
What class are you might make a big difference.

I hear a general problem with the Klingon side is the lack of support and healing from cruisers. If you can't get the Fedball down in your initial attack run, you need someone to keep the team alive.

If you are an Engineer, you might try that.If you are not, you will in the long run not be able to perform that great as a supporter. You can build your Battlecruiser for DPS then, but I am not convinced this is the best route to go - Raptors and Bird of Preys can achieve the same, and have better bridge officer slots for that. But on Commander Level, it might not really matter if you can't train your BOs in tier 3 skills yet.

I figure a battle-cloaking Bird of Prey would really appreciate a decent hull heal or resistance buff thrown his way...
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# 4 Though I'm Tactical
06-22-2010, 09:13 AM
I think you have hit it.... seems many of the "new klingons" are fed's rolling their first (myself included) and we are only learning to support each other.

I've taken my BoP and worked up a seperate... "support" load. Kinda scary to drop CRF & HYT III and load up on Scram, HE, etc..... but I'll be experimenting with it over the next few days.

For those that are interested.... I'll update this thread from time to time.

Prior 2 this mod, my agressive build BoP would always be #1 or #2 in PvP. But it seems that about 60-70% of the time the Feddies won overall becuase the Klinks did not "team". I have in fact had several times sent team invites and they where declined.

More soon... and thanks for the positive input.

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