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# 1 When and if to join a Fleet
06-22-2010, 04:18 PM
I know this may seem like a silly question, but as someone who's played this game...what...all of ~2 days now, I've seen a lot of solo play and a little bit of team play here and there (but mostly solo). Moving along slowly @ Lt6 right now, playing pretty casually. I've tried both sides of the fence and I prefer the Federation look and feel.

I can see there would be a need (and a want) to be part of a larger guild, or Fleet as they call it in this game, but my question to you more experienced folks is WHEN will that day come? Right now I have family in town, and more coming soon, so I don't think anytime real soon would be a good time to join a Fleet and socialize; but somewhere down the road, I'd love to have that experience.

In addition, I've enjoyed PvP play and I fully expect soloing to really suck hard (i.e. be too tough without coordinated team work). So what are your thoughts, captains and admirals? What rank-ish should I expect soloing to become a joke? How is the game's PvP?

Thanks for your time and again, sorry for the ignorant questions - but I'm ignorant and learning slowly :p
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# 2
06-22-2010, 04:34 PM
Not to give too vague of an answer, but there isn't an exact time or rank when you are ready to join a fleet. Its just when you decide you want to be part of a good team and perhaps make friends while you play.

Speaking for Aurora Fleet, we have people that join as Lieutenants, and some that didn't join a fleet until they were Rear Admirals.

I would say that for pvp, having a fleet that you are used to playing with is a definate win. Like anything else, the more time you spend with people and the better you get to know each other, the better you work together as a team. Actually, the same could be said for any STO event.

I started looking for a fleet when I was at Lt. Commander 1. After sorting through various fleets, and reading several sites, I chose Aurora because they seemed like the sort of casual fleet I was looking for.

I only wish that I had joined them sooner... lol. The game was suddenly a lot more fun, and it only got better once I got to know people in the fleet and made friends to team with for leveling, pve, and pvp.

So to answer your question.. you could probably play solo forever if you like, and just team up in pick up groups when needed, but in my opinion, there is no substitute for playing STO with a good fleet.

Sorry for the long-winded answer. I hope I have helped.
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Good evening. The following is a bit of detailed information about our Fleet, how we operate in-game, and...the why of VKF. There are lots of recruiting messages that simply say, join us! This isn't one of them. This note is intended to provide you with what you need to know about VKF so you can make an informed decision for Fleet Affiliation.

First, why affiliate with a Fleet at all? You may ask yourself can't I have a good in-game experience without belonging to a Fleet? My answer is that, while you can have lots of fun by yourself (actually with your NPC BOs and other NPC elements), an MMO is truly enhanced by collaborative/cooperative game play. MMOs are designed to give you more fun by interacting with other players - you can accomplish or achieve more in the game with more people. Having other brains working on the same problem will nearly always yield a better solution than without.

Second, why not wait, see how you like the game and then decide which Fleet to choose? My answer to this most of us will want to spend our available time in-game, accomplishing missions, participating in battles, and exploring. You should do your research to find the right Fleet that fits you, but then get involved and get in-game – you will be much better off. You will have people to give you good tips on how to play STO and maximize your time, people to play alongside who can share drops (loot) and get you good equipment quickly, and people who will have the answers to the myriad questions everyone has who starts playing STO. It will take you a long time to find all the answers on your own, and a lot of that searching is needless ‘grinding’. Why not spend more of your in-game time doing the most enjoyable aspects of STO?

At this point, you are probably trying to figure out what are our Fleet values, goals and objectives, how they will operate, and what you can expect to gain from affiliation with the VKF. That's the primary info that you need to make a truly informed decision about whether to join us, or some other Fleet. So without further ado...

The VKF's goal is to enrich in-game experiences for all our Fleet members. We do this by providing (aka sharing) valuable Intel to our members on game mechanics, location of resources, strategies for skill-building and ranking up, and extensive collaborative game play coordination. We get valuable info through our Fleet members, who channel information to the specific areas of our forum - and we organize the forum so you can find the info you need quickly. We organize our in-game group play to leverage the specific skills and abilities of each Fleet member. We have (but don’t require you to use) a Ventrilo server for voice chat that helps with in-game coordination – a lot! We don’t force a lot of specific actions on our Fleet members, we only ask that you share your knowledge with us, and team with us in-game, everything else is optional and all of this is at your convenience.

The VKF is a medium RP Fleet engaging in strong PVP and PVE game play, with these missions: Search & Destroy, Annihilation of all Klingon Houses, Deep Space Exploration, Diplomacy, Pacts and Trade Agreements, Intelligence Gathering, Strong Resourcing, Building Starbases, Alliances, Conquering Hostile New Worlds, Building State-of-the-Art Starships, Science/Research, Escorts, First Contact.

Our Fleet is organized using matrix management. Fleet Chief Officers manage the three career progressions, and collect career advancement info to help folks rank up quickly, gain resources, etc. In addition, all Fleet members can report to one or more Battle Group (PVP) or Task Force (PVE) Commands for coordinated group play in-game. Our BG/TF Commanders (would you like to vie for one?) leverage the strengths of members from all the career paths to build and deploy hard-hitting and highly effective teams. We believe that coordinated Fleet action in both PVP and PVE environments enhances both the individual game experience and the 'spoils of war'. We believe that away missions will be much more successful and enjoyable if you often go dirt-side with other Starship Captains rather than your junior BOs all the time.

Our membership is world-wide, and although we are not huge (yet) - the reality is that there are almost always Fleet members online when you are - mates to help out in the crunch. English is the lingua franca, although we sprinkle Vulcan words and phrases in liberally for RP. RL always takes precedence, but with our membership and alliances, there are always plenty of gamers to play with. We accommodate both hard-core and casual gamers, and will use whatever talent we our members have to their mutual benefit and enjoyment. Our command structure is designed to get the best out of all Fleet members while giving them enriched game-play and access to the best Intel for resources and skill-point building.

Our rank structure follows STO in general, plus we use our Vulcan ranking structure (Ot-lan, Tra-lan, etc.) for hierarchy inside the Fleet, and titles for area of responsibility (like Chief Science Officer, BG Commander, etc.) for coordination of Fleet action and activity.

Unlike most Fleets, we have (and need) only one Admiral at this time. We have openings for experienced MMO toon leaders and organizational leaders (in STO we're using BG/TF Commanders, Strike Force Leaders, Mission Commanders, etc.). We aren't overly focused on promotion for its' own sake, but more for getting the right people with the right skills in the right positions to get the best performance in-game out of our Fleet members. If you want to rank up and/or gain positions of authority in the VKF, please apply your skills in the STO and VKF forums as well as in-game, and have no doubt that you will earn the rewards you want and justly deserve.

Even if you are new to MMOs in general, or group play, the VKF has a place for you, and will help you go much further and faster than you could on your own. Our objective is for every member of the VKF to have the most fun and engaging game experience possible. We don’t require everyone to take on Fleet responsibilities, just enjoy playing STO with your Fleet-mates.

You should by all means check out other Fleets if you want to really make a truly informed choice. We think that if you've read this far, you've probably already looked a few over, and with the info above, should be ready to make a choice. Choose VKF!

Feel free to visit our forum at The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet. Once you join our Fleet, you will have access to (and will contribute towards) salient information that you and we all need to enjoy STO to the fullest. Live Long and Prosper!
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# 4
06-22-2010, 05:27 PM
Just my opinoin but i really liked going through the game solo and once i hit admiral i made another toon to join a fleet and go through it with a team. I've had fun doing it both ways but its a nice challenge to go solo first time through in my thoughts.
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# 5
06-23-2010, 02:21 AM
Welcome to the forums! We Are an International Fleet.

Red Squadrons would seem to fit your criteria well, we do have a laugh (even if sometimes its over something silly ^^) we do support players wanting end game PvP and PvE and RP, and with 11 years of experience, I think we're a pretty bonded fleet

We are a military styled fleet, with the Red Squadrons Taskforce serving as our Federation Fleet and the Red Squadrons Battlefleet serving for our Klingon players! And if you want to play in both, your more than welcome (we do encourage it to develop PvP tactics .

We're pretty well known around the Trek gaming community and know a lot of cool fleets whom we have a laugh with pretty often!

Check us out on

Good Luck finding what you're looking for!
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# 6
06-23-2010, 04:54 AM
ideally you will want to be in a fleet just before you reach RA5
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# 7 Hammerfist Fleet
06-23-2010, 06:41 AM

My main character is an RA5. I joined Hammerfist Fleet ( ) back when I was a LT4 or LT5. I'd say I did about 70% solo, 30% fleet when I was doing my main character. Teaming up with another player really helped getting through with the tougher, longer missions.

Right now I have 2 other characters, and I must admit I hate doing the missions alone nowadays. So I work on my alts when I meet with my fellow fleet members.

I'd like to give you a little info on our fleet.

We mainly cater to the mature player. Players who have time restraints, family, spouses, full time jobs. Players who know what it's like to have bills and mortgages to pay. We know real life commitments are a priority with older more mature gamers, and thus we'll never overload you with requirements, and expect you to jump through a bunch of silly hoops just to get a few hours of gaming in with your friends.

We're an adult guild looking for mature members age 18 or older. We're a social/casual guild passionate about our gaming. How you choose to spend your gaming time is up to you. Dictating how and when you need to play is not our style, we understand part-time gamers with full-time lives.

It's our goal to provide a friendly, stress free environment in which to enjoy the game. If you are looking to join us, some things you should keep in mind are: We value friendship over loot and hoarding. Guilds can be an excellent place to meet new friends and share good times and experiences that keep with you for years. Squabbling over loot has no place here. Providing a decent environment, void of riff-raff and distractions is an A-1 priority in any MMO we play. Leaving the drama behind and entering a world of fantasy and fun is what it's all about.
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# 8
06-23-2010, 10:51 AM
Thank you all for the feedback; it's greatly appreciated!

I feel more armed to make a better decision.
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# 9
06-23-2010, 07:57 PM
The answer to your question really boils down to this--join a fleet when _you_ feel ready to. If you have a ton of Real Life commitments, that's cool, take time off gaming and enjoy life. Family comes before gaming, anyway.

Then, when you feel like you're ready, take time to visit different sites and play with some different groups to figure out which one works best for you, and where you best fit in with that group. My friends in my fleet/guild are very important to me, almost second family sometimes. Forging positive relationships with fellow fleetmates/guildmates is essential to me, and to many others, too. It takes time to find the right 'home' that has the right mix of personalities, activities, and features that mesh best with your interests and play-style. That's OK.

Have fun meeting lots of people during your fleet search. Of course I'm biased towards the wonderful people in my fleet, but I have been blessed to meet so many other terrific people in other fleets, too.

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