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# 681 More Questions? part 2
07-22-2010, 11:57 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Thiraas
Well, nerdragers aside, because... the thread is called "Ask Cryptic: Season 2"?.. And THEY started it?.. :p

I like this post

I would point out that the game is suppose conform to the storyline of well Star Trek so bring in the fek nri (spelled wrong) seems like there streching things. If you really read up on Klingon History right now it would look like this

1500 K.C The Fek are defeated by the Klingons
1400 K.C A year peace and politics (A sad day for the empire)
1300 K.C The Hur'q a nomadic tribe (outsiders) come and plunder the Klingons from the Gamma qwad. taking the Sword of Kaloss (spelled wrong) along with other artifacs.

I just does not fit just have the Hur'q come back to plunder the empire. (Oh wait this was done before in star trek Invasion.)

When will we see Data? (He should be listed in the phonebook)

Were so demanding! Were so Trek Geeked!
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