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# 1 Slightly confused
06-24-2010, 05:00 AM
I sit back and wonder at times in a state of utter confusion how things can be the way they are in a game.
I refer of course to STO. The lack of explorable space, the KDF in the incredibly limited space it has.
Total lack of the "vastness" of space, no explorable planets, limited fish bowl arena's to fight in both on the ground and in space.
A huge corporate sponser and teams of developers, skilled and talented all working in this game and this is it??

Now before the rants begin, allow me to explain....

I was browsing about the net looking at other games either 1: already out there, or 2 those that are upcoming, as I am sure all of us do, when I came across a game in development called Infinity: The quest for Earth.
Take a look at this game if you get the chance, vast seamless universe, countless planets, all explorable, (they are using some program for this where the system generates them as players get near I think). Awesome graphics, etc etc.
It looks like it has a lot going for it. Now this isnt unusual, games thathave a big potential, but it did strike me as wow, look at all this that we in STO don't have that we want.
Then I read on and hit the kicker......this game has been developed by ONE guy and some volunteers!!
HOLY CRUD!!! No corporate sponsering, no huge teams of talented devs, one guy's vision and some volunteer help from peeps that arent even geographically close to the guy (they exchange data via internet from different states etc.) He's been working on it for a couple years, understandable since its by himself, but still?!?!? It looks like an alpha test may be ready as soon as this year, with a possible release in 2012.
Now this isnt a vote or campaign to go play that instead of STO. But it does leave me wondering if ONE guy can design a game like this with all the features and potential I am seeing in it...why cant an entire company, with massive corporate sponsership, with TEAMS of developers, make something comparable???
I mean if Infinity: The Quest for Earth is even only 60% of what it seems will have all the things that we as gamers think a massive space game should have....the very things Cryptic says it cant do.

I gotta tell ya guys...I don't get it.
It leaves me...slightly confused.
We'll see, ya never know what the future holds for us in STO, but in a word....damn!

Just so ya know I like STO, I like Star Trek, I am not ripping on the game, just wondering how one guy can develop something that looks to be leaps and bounds ahead of our mechanics in STO even though we have our teams of devs and big company money.

Again, slightly confused

Ok begin the flame wars lol

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# 2
06-24-2010, 05:52 AM
We are paying to play a game which needed 2 more years of developement.
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# 3
06-24-2010, 06:02 AM
Out of curiuosity, when does infinity hit the market?

Alot of game exist that on the net that are made the way you describe (Bab5, Wingcommader, etc) and most never make the light of day due to lack of funding or the fact its one guy and a friend developing them and they are so buggy they don't work.

STO was released too early - yes.
Blame CBS's greed, I say for wanting a product on the market after waiting on perpetual to do something for so long.

Its getting better, and I still think cryptic is doing a good job.
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# 4
06-24-2010, 06:20 AM
Regardless of the reason for the early release of the game, I think the point is that it is mind boggling that a couple of people can do great things while a large corporation fails to reach it's potential. I fully agree and the only reasons I can come up with are....

1. Passion
Not saying Cryptic isn't passionate at heart, but the fact that they are working on three games nearly on top of each other would inevitable keep anyone from truly getting behind any one project passionately. The individual person working on Quest for Earth is probably doing it in the evenings after a long hard day at work while juggling all the other things life throws at you. As someone that's done projects in the evenings in that manner, I know how difficult it is and ONLY passion keeps you going.

2. Clarity of Vision
Again, not saying that Cryptic doesn't have a clear vision, but as somone that works in a large organization (Air Force), I can attest that the more layers and levels in an organization, the less clear the project endgoal becomes. Inevitably you start out with one goal, but each level above you decides to just add a little something to the mix and next thing you know, half your guiding "suggestions" are in direct opposition to each other and something has pulled you off course mucking up the entire thing. When you are doing a home project where you have ONE boss and ONE vision, that's easy to stay on target.

3. Massive Scope and expectations
Working on any IP as big as Star Trek has got to be the most stressful thing about. The only others that I can think of that would rival that is the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. You have fans who are literally rabid and frothing at the mouths for the slightest error in your vision who aren't willing to just point it out and hope it's fixed, but who turn it into a conspiracy theory of personal insult to the entire fanbase.

I don't remember how long LoTRO was in production and we all know that Bioware has had the new Star Wars in production for quite a while and a bit more under the whole, "It will be released when its done and no sooner" mindset which unfortunately Cryptic and/or CBS should have done here.

Now, that said, the game this person is creating and has put out, while impressive I assume can't be on the scope of STO which needs to be considered. It might eventually, but at the core, he has the freedom to do whatever he wants and not have anyone chew him up because of his creative choices. Also, he may have coded his game to support a hundred players, not thousands or no ship/character customization or whatever. So, his planets and such look great, but there is much more.

Long story short, hopefully Cryptic does look to see what this guy is doing, and maybe even hire him to do it for STO. I know once I get home I'm going to go check out this guys site and game since I'm really intriqued now. I have no doubt that he may have taken a creative new direction that Cryptic didn't consider and, as done by most large companies, approach him for his expertise and use it to their advantage. It helps him by giving him a leg up and helps Cryptic by giving them a better process and helps us by giving us a better game.

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