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06-24-2010, 06:01 PM
Ok that title may seem a little bit “elitist”. So bare with me on this one. As a few other postings have pointed out there really are only a handful of dedicated PvP players right now. We all know who the best are... if you do any PvP you are going to run into them.

We have all read the great defense posts from Faithborn... and I have really not seen any good offense guides here.

So I say we all put up a few “lessons in killen” Lets all be un-modest in this thread and give people a real guide to some technique we use that helps us do away with opponents in an efficient manner.

Plenty of newer PvP players seem to have no idea how to make things blow up with a thunder instead of going pew pew before we pop them.

I know we all like to guard our best tricks... really though giving them the information at this point is only likely to give us some proper prey.

So please Masters take a few minutes and put something together; a real lesson, something that isn't a simple 2 or 3 line “work together” answer.

So here you go I will post the first one to give everyone the idea... I am not the master of many things... but I know how to use speed to kill.....
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06-24-2010, 06:05 PM
Speed = Defense via Offense.
These lessons are transferable to any ship.. the most benefit will be on a tier 4 or 5 Escort class ship. Keep in mind speed on a cruiser is beneficial for both defense ratings as well as being able to turn from focus fire. On a sci ship being able to use the firing arcs on the sci powers more effectively is also a key to victory. (being able to sub nuke someone 3 or 4 seconds faster is very beneficial)

Learn to use speed and turn to increase damage potential.
1)Use speed to engage more weapons, in an accurate manner.
2)Time weapon cool downs to your piloting.
3)Stay out of arcs... there by living longer... there by dishing out more damage.

As always take what you read, and apply it to your own build and style. However I am qualified to give you this lesson for this reason. I consistently top damage and kill charts... I do this without a tactical officer (on my bop). My klink does not use rapid fire/scatter/beam overload/high yield or any other ability. (well sensor scan sometimes) I use these techniques to rack up very high damage numbers without tac ability's. (This sounds cocky however... When I leveled through Captain with my latest toon I used white MK VI weapons as I was too lazy to change them and racked up multiple 1 million point cap games)

Setup Theory:
I run the following setup on both my fed and Klingon ships.

1 Dual beam – 3 Dual heavy cannons

2 Arrays (3 on my Tier 5 Fed)

The point here is for the techniques in this lesson you need rear arrays.

The higher you have your turn rate for these maneuvers the better. I always run engines with a min 1 Turn modifier. I would also suggest Hyper-Impulse engines. I also spend skill points in pilot skills. I max Tier 2 as it transfers... spend points at tier 5 and I even have some points spent in 3 and 4 even though they don't transfer 100%. On my fed setup I run 1 RCS unit... I would suggest trying one if you haven't.

Technique 1 (Full Frontal Broadside)
This piloting technique allows me to “Broadside” an opponent in an escort style ship.

The key to this technique is the cool down time in firing weapons and the follow through of the beam arrays.
1 – Angle your ship just inside the firing arc of the rear arrays and engage them.
2 – Sweep your ship to the other side... first engaging the Dual beam Array.
3 – Now you are into the 45 degree arc for the cannons to fire (At this point you will see ALL your weapons firing at your target, the power from the rear arrays will probably have been returned before the final cannon goes off)
4 – Now at the Far end of the arc pull your rear arrays back into arc... and Repeat.

Technique 2 (The Top Punch)
This is a harder maneuver and requires a higher turn rate to perform properly... it is however very effective.

This technique will require you to use evasive maneuvers in an offensive manner. You will circle a target literally flying a circle around them on an angle (around 75 degrees).

1 – Use evasive maneuvers and fly in a circle around your target. (A high turn rate is essential)
[NOTE: turn rate goes up with your engine power setting]
2 – Engage your beams (as you circle you will come into arc on both rear and front beam)
3 –At the top (or bottom) of each circle top punch the target with the cannon.

This takes practice to time properly, an it is hard to focus one shield facing. I have practiced this maneuver 100s of times and it works very well and will have people very annoyed with you... counters to worry about are shock wave and tractor.

Notes on Surviving
One thing people forget is attacking with intelligence. Understanding the mentality of your opponent is very important. (information is key in war)
When choosing a target I prefer the following attacks vectors (unless I have other information) Higher speed will allow you to choose your angle of attack more often.

Cruiser – Frontal or Rear Attack (Cruisers will normally broadside)
Sci Ships – Rear Attack (Sci powers have arcs as well... and again you avoid a broadside)
Escorts – Side Attack (Staying out of their frontal arc... and possible rear mounted toys like Cobalts)

Here is the homework assignment. Run any 3 PvP matches... and jack your engine power for the whole match. I would suggest running it a 70... to exaggerate the effect. This will help you feel the difference a high setting will give you.
You will find it much easier to keep arc... and much easier to avoid your opponents arc as well.
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06-24-2010, 06:31 PM
182 keeps its offensive secrets in house; so I can't actually give anything more than extremely cryptic hints (no pun intended). I would have given them out, but Keldor went off the deep end trying to figure out our secrets - and I don't wanna have to face our offense turned against us, 182 needs to keep its advantages. Sorry if it sounds rude.
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  • Healers hit harder?
  • Consitensy unlocks the door.
  • the mad hatter spoketh "CHANGE!"

edit, I'm not going to be posting in this thread again.
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06-24-2010, 06:51 PM
I like the post thus far. I will think of some things to add so /tag for now.
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06-24-2010, 07:02 PM
I do things that any sane person would consider moronic. Thus i will never be out thought.
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06-24-2010, 07:02 PM
HAHA faith, I think you need to have insight into 182nd to really understand those hints....

I'll add that surviving longer than your opponent can be as effective as pumping out massive amounts of damage, that's why I advocate a full beam build on an escort, keep turning on your opponent while putting the hurt on them, and even with weaker heals an escort can outlast a cruiser.

Your group can determine your build as much as your play style, I have two BOff builds, one that puts out tons and tons of damage but dosen't last long without a healer, and one that keeps me alive forever with slightly less damage. When I can get heals I go balls to the wall on my damage, when I can't I focus more on staying alive.

hope that helps
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06-24-2010, 07:05 PM
I don't trust anything a tribble lovin' Federation has to say. You have no honour. (and you smell funny)
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06-24-2010, 07:23 PM
PvP isn't really that complicated. Just invest some time on the expense of getting beat to a pulp and adjust your Skills, BOs and Weapon layout to the point where it makes sense to you, and where they fit your personal play style.

Also, study your opponents. If you know their tactics you can fight them accordingly.
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06-24-2010, 07:29 PM
You may have noticed that i wasnt being serious.

My adice to everyone is to blast stuff a lot. if it doesnt die quickly. sub noob it.
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06-24-2010, 08:21 PM
I have my specific tricks but I can think of a few general ideas.

1. For the love of god, use hotkeys! Individually clicking powers with your mouse is a colossal waste of time. Ideally, you should be able to pop any and every power you have without clicking your mouse at all.

2. You gain more defense at higher speeds (you're harder to hit) but it caps at 50% without modifiers. Experiment with engine power to get better defense - it makes a difference.

3. I'm sure many have figured this out already - tab target is no good. Try to use it as little as possible.

4. I get called a chicken/wimp/etc at least once a day because I *run* when outnumbered. Swallow your pride and don't get vaporized in two seconds. Look around for teammates, then pop evasive maneuvers to speed toward them and try to regroup.

5. Use batteries! Doesn't matter what kind - whatever fits your play style. They're dirt cheap and you can buy them in stacks of 20. They don't just give you a boost to that subsystem - they repair the subsystem. So...if you get a Beam Target Subsystem on something you may consider important (like shields), pop the appropriate battery.

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