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Centauri Assault Group (CAG)

The Centauri Assault Group was commissioned in 2375 in response to the Dominion capture of Betazed, initially composed of ad hoc squadrons of local armed merchant, and re-commissioned mothballed Star Fleet vessels. Intended as a guerrilla force to be deployed behind enemy lines in the event of Dominion invasion of Alpha Centauri the Group was not to see major action in the Dominion war with the exception of engaging local pirates and Jem’Hadar raiders, as the fortunes of war pushed the conflict away from Alpha Centauri.
After the signing of the Treaty of Bajor the Group remained as a largely administrative formation, the merchant ships returned to their trade lanes. Many of the re-commissioned Star Fleet vessels were again mothballed and returned to deep storage, however a few were left commissioned and crewed for some years in case the treaty did not hold.

Several years after the end of the Dominion war The Centauri Assault Group was re-formed by Star Fleet initially as a territorial unit with many of its personnel drawn from Alpha Centauri and Earth systems. In particular several officers joined from a small community of former Borg who had lived on Alpha Centauri for several decades. They brought with them a certain mind set when it came to dealing with hostile threats which endeared them to the old hands who had stood ready with armed civilian vessels back in the day, but that was often at odds with the mighty principles of the Federation.
However open war with the Klingon Empire and the general hostility of the galaxy in recent decades has inevitably lead many Star Fleet officers to become more warlike in their approach to command. Where before first contact might have required the opening of hailing frequencies for some the immediate action is to raise shields…

The Centauri Assault Group was originally conceived as an offensive force mostly made up of citizenry determined to defence hearth and home with hastily armed merchant vessels. This spirit of aggressive defence was honed in the years after the Dominion war in small but often brutal actions against pirates and other raiders and the tactics employed improved over time thanks to the input of the ex-Borg contingent.
The net result is that although small compared to many regular Federation Fleets the Centauri Assault Group is none the less able to hold its own and with the backing of Star Fleet logistics, up-to-date technology is gradually filtering into the hands of CAG officers.

Information on the fleet (OOC)

The Centauri Assault Group is the project of two ex-Eve Online pvpers who between them have over ten years of intense pvp and leadership experience. (incidentally they are both ex-British armed forces as well)
Having migrated to STO their aim is to use all their hard won experience to create a disciplined, team orientated group of like minded players. Not just for pvp and not just for pve but for all content, this includes a fleet back story for those wishing to incorporate a role play element to their experience.

Regardless of whether we are forming a pve missions/patrol group or a “premade” pvp group someone must take charge and organise and lead the rest. One of the core aims of CAG is to provide that leadership and over time develop our own leadership skills and those of the fleet. With the eventual goal that additional leaders will be found within CAG who can and will organise and lead operations.

Flashy web sites and forums are not a priority as all efforts are primarily directed to getting the right players involved first.

Like any organisation we have certain requirements and certain preferences and each interested player will be taken on his or her own merits subject to them. Of course all requirements and preferences are subject to change and review as experience within STO requires it.
The general points below will be expanded on at the interview stage and the ability and desire of the interested player to meet them will be explored.

What we aim to provide

Direction and focus - without this a fleet is nothing but a common chat channel
Training and leadership - providing core training and team work principles
A disciplined environment - essential for effective pvp
Voice communications - essential for pvp
Role play back story - for those who wish to use it

What we expect from the player

Reasonable activity levels (we are in the GMT zone) - subject to real life of course
A high standard of conduct - regardless of the actions of others
Adherence to the chain of command - Conceive the plan, execute the plan
Use of voice communications - mandatory, enough said
Good command of English

Final words

I am not one for hyperbole and so I think the above points pretty much cover the core of my recruitment aims, I would like to add that if anyone wants more information or a chat about the fleet feel free to mail or pm me in game
@Strikeclone Alternatively my 2IC (second in command) can be reached @Bosie.

P.S. Also looking to foster links with other RP groups out there so please feel free to contact us
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06-26-2010, 06:48 AM
Saturday bump.

With so many fleets in exsistance and many of them claiming to do all things all the time (i.e. ticked every box on the in game filters) it can be hard to get a sense of what a fleet stands for, if it stands for anything at all.

I will only ask that captains looking for a fleet do not commit to anything by sending me a pm or a message and prehaps they might find we have somethings in common. So if you want to develope your RP in STO, or if you like to pvp knowing someone has got your back give me a call.

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