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Episode 17 brings us back on the air, covering the past two weeks news in one shot, live and ready for your ear drum enjoyment . Follow the jump for Episode 017 for more information.

You can get it with a direct MP3 download ( )

Show Notes Episode 017 -

Quadrant News This week we play catch up, literally, as we bring you not only news from this prior week but the week before. Galaxy-X going to the C-Store? Specific Season 2 Ask Cryptic Questions? Minor patches and we announce our partnership with STO-Radio, brought to you by Hailing Frequency, who will be syndicating RSA episodes on air. We also bring you the details for a new contest!

Sources -

June 15th Patch Notes :
June 25th Patch Notes :
Call for Ask Cryptic Questions :
Saucer Seperation Confirmed? :
Dstahl taking suggestions seriously :
STO on Sale via Steam $17 :
STO Radio :

Tactics & Gameplay Taking a queue from a forum thread on the official forums, we look at some myths and truths about ground combat. Whats' true, whats not, find out

Source -

Doc Watch - Doc has leveled again! Hitting Captain 5 and on a stride to Rear Admiral!

QQ-Continuum Our darwin award winner this episode is a forum user by the name of Berginer. He bought 9 accounts, to get the Galaxy X and once they said it'd be in the C-Store, hilarity ensued. -


To win a free copy of STO, this contest is easy. Simply come up with a hilarious name for a Caitian character. Bonus points for originality but the one we find funniest wins. The caveat to winning however is you need to post on our official forums, there will be a thread called Caitian Contest ( Entries there, 1 entry per person.


Don't forget you can keep up to date with immediate RSA/STO news at our Twitter feed,

We're also live every week now on uStream, right at 5pm EST on Sundays (or as close to it as we can get lol)

Got a question to be read on air? Want to record an audio question and have us play it on the air? Email us at

We also now have video related indepth material on gameplay, tips, tricks and more over at our official Youtube channel,

Episode 18 we will go over more up coming changes in Season 2 hopefully, go over any contest entries and more.

For more information and previous episodes, you can always plot a course to our site at

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