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Originally Posted by SirCatoKnot View Post
Yes, it is that bad/boring. I enjoy PvP, I enjoy PvE, I enjoy TFs, and I enjoy being KDF. The time has come to make some real PvE content for KDF. It is a smart business move, and would help grow the KDF ranks. If the KDF ranks continue to shrink, it is only a amatter of time before 90% of PvP if FvF.

What it is, what it is advertised as, and what it should be are not always the same. Cryptic said that what is to be sold in the C-Store would only be cosmetic and not give a player an edge. We all know that is not true. There is a class war between KDF and SF players about to come via C-Store items: the coming Galaxy X, and Caitian will give a small edge to SF in PvP. I am sure the C-Store is not advertised to do that.
I have my doubts there is an actual intention from Cryptic to make Caitians or Galaxy-X better. I still have trouble seeing cloak and that spinal phaser cannon as purely cosmetically, but with the new tier 5 ships coming, it might indeed be.

It is not like we could claim there is 100 % balance between a BoP and a Raptor or a Star Cruiser and an Assault Cruiser. I would say they are all fairly close, though...

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