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# 1 The Galaxy X and Children.
07-03-2010, 12:11 AM
I love theese forums. Lots and lots and lots of people here are hillarious.

For the past 2 months people have been screaming, yelling and whining (that last word may in fact be the best way to describe it) to get the GalaxyX. And now that they can get it what do they do? They Scream, they yell and they whine about "ohhhit uses Tier 4 weapons slots", and "ohhh it handles like a elephant", "Please fix thoose".

Let me sit here and state the obvious: "You should have known, and complaining about it only serves to display your own ignorance". People have been telling you that for the last week while it was accesable to the Master Recruiters.

From the top:

When the Referral program was announced, it was also made public that the Galaxy X would be a reward for recruiting 5 people. This made alot of people happy as they were, and for a long time have been, looking forward to get it in the game.
Almost the same second as this happens, forum posts start appearing, stating that it should be in the C-Store ASAP because <insert random reason here>, or that it should be obtainable for free in game because <insert redicilous reason here>.

Then the RAF program goes live, and it quickly becomes obvious that there are some bugs, preventing the Master Refferes from obtaining their prized ship.
This I can understand people getting frustrated about. After all, they did spend either alot of time getting 5 people to the game or alot of money getting 5 copies of the game and creating fake accounts (wich to me seems pretty dumb, but meh.... it is not my money: Who am I to judge).
At the same time people still complain it should be in the C-Store for <insert what ever reason>.

Then Finally the Ship comes ingame. The Master Refferes get their hands on the ship, only to realize that the ship is not the "best ship in the game". They openly state that it "moves like a 10 ton elephant with led on its feets and a blindfold" (This is how a player ingame described it to me), that it has Tier 4 slots and that the Dual cannon slots on it is useless, unless you're lucky enough to get them right in front of you (wich most people try to avoid as the Lance Phaser scares them).
Now that the ship is in-game, people start going nuts on the foums. Even more "We want the GalaxyX Ship in the C-Store or by some other means" posts start appearing, even though it is actually still pretty easy to get your hands on (just go around the internet and offer refferal keys to random people... how hard can it be if you really want it?).

Now. Finally Cryptic gets enough of the whining and decides to let it onto the C-Store. Forumposts explode.
2 factions: One faction that thinks the ship should remain a RAF program exclusive, and one that argues that it should be open to all. Both sides already knew that the decision had been made, and Cryptic, overwhelmed by the amount of hate-posts, decide to close all posts about the issue.

So... The ship finally appears in the game, and what seems like 1 of 3 players (based on the amount of GalX's in the game last night) rush out to to get it.

But Hey: Big Chock... People are still not satisfied: "2000 Points.... Are you Serious?", "Tier 4 Slots... Are you Serious?", "Slow as an elephat... Are you Serious?".
Let me point out based on thoose 3 examples why I think that the mere notion of complaning about thoose things are redicilous:

1: 2000 C-Store points: Now I don't know the prices in the rest of the world for C-Points, but here, the price for 2000 of thoose points are about the same as a single game +1 month supscription. This means that Cryptic is actually loosing money, because they are not getting the 4 people they would have gotten from the RAF program.
Be happy. You're getting the ship at a discount.

2: Tier 4 Slots: Try to think alittle about the ship: According to the ONE time the ship has been on screen, it was a re-fitted, 40 year old Galaxy Class. This means that without ripping out all the interiour, making it up to spec would be close to impossible.
As seen in "All good things" that clearly did'n happen, so it is only natural that the ship would use some low end tech.
You do get the Lance Phaser wich is THE most powerful weapon in game

3: Movement speed: Thoose of you who have run cruisers, know that they are slow moving tubs. This alone should make it obviouls that the GalaxyX would also be slow moving. And of cause it is slower than the other cruisers. While being smaller than the usual T5 Cruisers, it has significantly more mass compared to size, so of casue it would be even slower than the remaning ships.
You are getting a nasty heavy hull instead, that lets you stay alive a little longer

Apart from that, there is the cloak, but people don't seem to be too concerned with that ATM, so I won't go into detail about that.

Get me an infraction for this, I don't care. But someone has to state this: You're like freacking children who have been spoiled by their parents.
Seriously: You got Cryptic to screw over their most loyal customers, by making them put the ship in the C-Store. Your're paying less than Cryptic would otherwise have recived through the RAF, and you fail to see the logic in the way the ship was build.
You whine, whine and whine because nothing is ever good enough for you... Hate to break it to you: The world dosen't rotate around you. Other people have needs too, and they are not getting it their way either. DEAL WITH IT, instead of being such a wimp.

Cryptic is doing alot to keep most of their customers happy, and in the process they alienate toose people who really put effort into keeping the game alive. What did you do the keep the game running?
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# 2
07-03-2010, 12:28 AM
I think I love you
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# 3
07-03-2010, 12:30 AM
I'm happy with the ship. It's exactly what I expected it to be. A Galaxy with a cloak and a souped up laser. Sure it takes damage faster in RA5 missions, but I haven't gotten killed yet.
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# 4
07-03-2010, 12:32 AM
Originally Posted by Sopwith_Snipe
I'm happy with the ship. It's exactly what I expected it to be. A Galaxy with a cloak and a souped up laser. Sure it takes damage faster in RA5 missions, but I haven't gotten killed yet.
Then you and I don't have issues.

I am... dare I say it (ya... i don't care anymore), attacking thoose who whine for getting exactly what they asked for.
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# 5
07-03-2010, 12:40 AM
i also like the ship

i had little real way of recruiting 5 people and wanted it in the c-store. i was personally happy to wait a good few months and i expected it to cost a bit of money. it turned up earlier than i expected for more than i expected. so a fair trade off.
i was a little annoyed the new ship was not affected by the discount but i never expected a discount weekend in the first place so again no real problems. i bought the ship knowing full well what its capabilities were and i enjoy it.

im happy with my purchase and will enjoy playing it. the advantages it has are balanced out with its disadvantages.

season 2 is bring a whole set of new ships with other abilities so its all going to balance out. people still have the choice of getting the ship for free or by buying it on the store. As far as im concerned its all good.
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# 6
07-03-2010, 12:48 AM
I wonder what the S-2 ships will be. Other than revamped T4's
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# 7
07-03-2010, 12:54 AM
I'm loving it, I went through a whole pvp game without dying yesterday.
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# 8
07-03-2010, 01:39 AM
Wow *claps* bravo, just great post. *claps again*

btw really mean it
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# 9
07-03-2010, 01:45 AM
Great statement, anazonda.

I would sign every single word you wrote. Thanks, you made my day!
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# 10
07-03-2010, 01:57 AM
i had a great duel with someone in another dreadnaught in a pvp match

i must say the more i play it, the more i like them
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