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Originally Posted by wolverine79936 View Post
When there is a ship above us or below, sometimes, we hit this really annoying snag where we can't get to them. We point straight down and even do this funky spiralling thing to get to them and most of the time we have to full impulse across the system and then come back in to the bad guys and we are able to get them. Has anyone else experienced this issue? It happens on more than one computer and more than one account, obviously, so it can't be our computers.
This has been a debate that has been going on since launch, currently the maxium you can pitch your ship is 45 degrees from a bearing of 0 up or down. (Imagine a X-Y-Z graph in your head with the ship being at 0,0,0 and I am talking about the Y)

Only way to "manuver" is a corckscrew up or down, if you have Evasive Manuvers try using this to get to "spin" faster, also setup a keybind for Full Impulse (since you play LOTRO I assume you have a multi-button mouse? Mine is set to Button 4) and pulse it on and off, when turning it off click in the middle of your impulse setting so you can "slide" in the direction your wanting to go. Bigger ships do this a bit more easily since the have more Mass and Inertia.

Don't worry about how long it take to respond As long as your staying with us and beating your head saying UGH..your one of us.

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