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# 1 3rd Fleet is Recruiting
07-06-2010, 06:54 PM
Greetings Starfleet Members!

Currently 3rd Fleet is recruiting new members to fill our divisions and sections. Captains with desire and skill are needed in the current conflicts that span this galaxy. Below you will find some usefull data that will explain just who we are.

General Information on Third Fleet:

Founded By: Cris Carter
Founded On: 14/08/08
Specialisation: RPG, PvE, PvP
State of Recruitment: It is possible to join Third Fleet at any time.

3rd Fleet Site
3rd Fleet Forums
3rd Fleet Application Area


3rd Fleet is a Star Trek Online international fleet with members from all over the world. Existing since 2008, the fleet is prepared and ready for the full launch of the upcoming PC MMORPG "Star Trek Online". We are roleplayers, but we also want to fit in any needs members might have, so there is also focus on PvP and PvE. You want to do something in the Universe of Star Trek Online? Then this is for you.

What are our main goals?

We are international and expecting many more members after the release. Because of this, we might have enough resources pulled together to share with all players and push them up in the Universe. Our main goal is to create a united gameplay environment with people from diffrent areas, Starfleet-like.

Are there any local divisions or various language subgroups?

There are local divisions. Right now you can choose between English (main part of the group), German and since the beginning of November 2009, you can also choose to join the French division with more divisions being planned as well.

What about online times?

Nobody expects you to be present 24/7. Of course some people have limited free time. Wo do like to see casual gamers, and of course you will be provided with every resource available if needed to reach long-term goals much quicker.

What do you have apart from Star Trek Online?

The webteam doesn't fear costs and work to provide an excellent fleet gateway to the rest of the internet. As you probably noticed, our forum software is the best, it's called "vBulletin". It provides many features like "Social Networks", "Albums", "Pictures" and much more. The main site is not finished yet (since a website is always evolving and improving), yet it will still provide you all the latest information you need to know what's going on. Not to mention a full Teamspeak server with a high member capacity.

How do I get updated what's going on in the STO world?

There is news from STO, but we don't have news-hunters in our team. We like to focus on a good organisation inside the fleet and we want you to feel at home here. We have a news sub-forum where some of our members post the newest stuff about STO anyway. In addition to tips, guides, and more.

What about the leadership?

Our core team consists of people who are maintaining the forums and the website, followed by the local division admins who are maintaining the various divisions. Here is a little summary for a better understanding:


•Admin (Maintaining website and forums)
•Moderator (Moderating the international community)


•Admin (Maintaining and performing the local divisions)
•Moderator (Moderating the local divisions)
•Head of Operations (Operation & Execution)
•Head of Engineering (Reparation & Assembly)
•Head of Medical (Research & Development)
•Head of Science (Supplies & Medical Care)

Who is who?

Commander In Chief (CIC): Admiral Cris Carter
Public Relations Head: Vice Admiral Crystal Dayra
English Division Head: Rear Admiral Connor Gravedom

If you Have any questions you can contact me ingame at John Kine@cookiedemon7 or on the STO website...
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# 2 Need More Recruits
07-12-2010, 11:35 PM
Cmon people we need you to join 3rd Fleet!!!

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