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# 1 Cool Feature, and a Suggestion
07-10-2010, 11:51 AM
So, I was checking my inbox on the website, and discovered that two of my exchange items had expired. I said "cool, thanks for letting me know," and promptly deleted the e mails. It was only a moment later when I realized that website/forum mail didn't show the items, and I had just deleted whatever had been sent. Luckily, the game just sent me two new e mails, with what I assume are the lost items! (I've only checked the website so far) This is pretty neat, and I definitely like that my mistake is corrected by Cryptic.

However, it would also be pretty neat if the website/forum mail box let you know that an e mail had attachments. It would probably save some people, like myself, from making the mistake of deleting stuff.

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