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Bringing a total of more than 30 years of combined experience to the series of tubes we call The Internet, Rogues Radio is a multi MMO Net Radio station, bring you the latest jams, the best mash-ups, and your favourite tracks directly to you, courtesy of our knowledgeable, fun, and friendly DJs.

Speaking of the DJs, let's meet them!

DJ Coin
DJ Coin is the resident Rock DJ of Rogues Radio. He's been Net DJing for many years and has returned after a long break to return to the virtual airwaves with his familiar brand of rock, metal and irreverent inanity. Tune in every Saturday night, 10-12 UK Time for DJ Coin's Rock Zone!

Music Styles: Rock, Metal, Indie and all around the genre. Favourite's include Queen, ELO, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Extreme, AC/DC, Linkin Park, Gorillaz, Slayer, Eminem, Fall Out Boy, Tenacious D and more!

Mrs ?
Returning to the virtual airwaves as one of our latest Trial DJ's, Rogues Radio is pleased to welcome Mrs ?.
As her show name suggests, you never what she's going to play so tune in every Monday night at 8pm UK time!

Music Styles: The shows called the Mystery Night, so it's always going to be terribly mysterious!

Rosie is one of the leaders of Rogues Radio alongside DJ Coin and is the Station least accoring to the crazy mob from GGRRR! A long time CoH player, Rosie loves to play music to all her fans and is looking forward to hearing all your requests, especially the weird ones!

Music Styles: All kinds of random weirdness!

Jay has a very eclectic taste in music and presents the Classic Rock Show in which he shares his passion and ramblings about everything that genre offers. Jay also presents the more random Mix Tape sets where anything goes as long as its great music!

Music Styles: Classic Rock, Punk, Industrial, Blues, Electronic, Prog, Ska, Rock 'n Roll!

Escalus is a strange Yorkshireman, a City of Heroes vet since the UK launch, actor, writer, director, an obsession with beating all his friends at Bejewelled and has some varied musical tastes from Queen to Barenaked Ladies. He also enjoys a nice pint of Black Sheep

Music Styles: This, that and some of the other

Terrahawk primarily enjoys the music of the eighties, a decade she is somewhat reluctant to leave, although she has been tempted out from time to time. Her trivia knowledge has been categorised in various ways ranging from "geeky" to "sad", although she herself blames the amount of quizzes she has written for this misnomer. Of late her musical tastes have been swayed by the melodic phenomenon that is Rock band; a trend that is unlikely to cease.

Music Styles: There will undoubtedly be eighties stuff, but the rest as Toyah says is "A Mystery"

A long time player of City Of Heroes and now flying round the universe in Star Trek Online, with Stars ecclectic mix of everything, your bound to hear something you like

Music Styles: From ABBA to AC/DC, Bon Jovi to Blink 182, Cher to Coldplay and Duran Duran to Death Cab for Cutie etc etc etc.

The 30 something Dude with the dulcet tones from Birmingham. After being AWOL from the airwaves for a while he's triumphantly back with Rogues Radio. Tune in for DJ Knightingale's Mad House from 8-10 UK Time, every Saturday night.

Music Styles: His musical tastes are fairly mainstream, so his shows are fairly easy to listen to. Nothing from the too extreme ends of the musical spectrum. Fave bands are The Barenaked Ladies, Def Leppard and Everclear. Give him a try when he's on and see if you like it!

New to this Online DJ Malarky, but has a lot of experience in the DJing field. Ashamedly not an MMOer, but does know what it's about!

Music Styles: Music played will be VERY varied, some really oldies, some disco, pop, rock, camp classics and also some comedy drop ins too!

The Flasherman
A veteran of the MMO Station wars, The Flasherman has found a new home with Rogues Radio, doing what he loves to do. A musical theatre trained singer and actor, The Flasherman will do anything for a laugh, but be careful. He may reach under his trenchcoat and unleash a bad segue!

Music Styles: From Classical to Carribean, Mash-Ups to Moshpits, elegance to Phil Collins, if The Flasherman has it, he'll play it.

If you want to add your own name to that list of Rogues, send a message to DJ Coin on the Rogues Radio website, or to Flasherman on the ST:O forums, and we'll see what happens. We're always willing and ready to welcome new people!

Visit the Rogues Radio website to join the forums, and have a chat with fellow listeners and the Rogues!


is it commercial free?
In most part, yes. Rogues Radio is a non-profit group of misfits who play for the sheer joy of the music, and to bring tunes to you. That being said, we will, on occasion, advertise for in-game groups and official events, providing we feel that it offers something to you, the listener. We never have, nor ever will, advertise anything that could potentially cost you money.

Can I send in...requests?
Requests are an important part of the DJing process - there's no other way to find out what music you like to listen to! Requests can be made in advance via the Rogues Radio website, in our Chat Room, or in the in-game chats. The global channel for ST:O is simply called "RoguesRadio".

Does it cost anything to listen in and/or do I need a membership?
Rogues Radio is completely free to listen it to, naturally. A membership isn't required, but in order to get the most out of the Rogues Radio experience, it's suggested that you join the Rogues Radio website, which will allow you access to our forums and chatroom. Again, it's completely free! We foot the bill, so you don't have to.

Are we done?
For now. Have a cookie

Right, let's see how long THIS one lasts.
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# 2
07-11-2010, 03:21 PM
Interresting, I may well listen in!
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# 3
07-11-2010, 03:22 PM
I'm listening now
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# 4
07-11-2010, 03:37 PM
*Looks at a card and then reads from it in a very monotone voice.*

But...(overly long dramatic pause) is it commercial free?

*Pauses again.*

Can I send in...requests?

*Squints at the next question*

Does it cost anything to listen in and/or do I need a membership?

*looks around expectantly.*

Are we done?

*Someone shouts from out of view. He looks back at the card.*



Wow. This is the radio station for me. I'm a Rogues listener now.

Actually I am a listener and do enjoy the show, way more than I enjoy poorly acted commercials.
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# 5
07-11-2010, 03:58 PM
I'm amazed at how well I guessed what you would ask.

....Yes. I guessed. Ignore the "edited by" message.
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07-11-2010, 04:06 PM
Originally Posted by Flasherman View Post
I'm amazed at how well I guessed what you would ask.

....Yes. I guessed. There is nothing else here Corban, and no I'm not controlling your mind though an implant in your brain.
Wow! How did I miss seeing those questions the first time around. You should add "Prognosticator" to your AFCTF title.
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07-11-2010, 04:31 PM
Nah, He got in trouble for that before, something about not having a medical licence.
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07-13-2010, 12:40 PM

After many hours researching and reviewing listener figures and requests, one genre of music really stands out as a popular one. I'm not totally surprised, given the nature of the MMO means we get a lot of hardcore gamers in, who like to listen to thrilling beats and, as they say, "da whack jamz". So, this Sunday, July 13th, as requested (in a roundabout way) by YOU, the listener, I'll be performing a set that'll be very heavy on this one genre.


Get your requests in early on the site and forums, and remember to tune in to Sebastian, Rufus, Gaston and friends, as we enhance your gaming through educational songs!
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# 9
07-13-2010, 01:15 PM
"da whack jamz"? Run DMC? Vanilla Ice? Salt-N-Pepa?
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07-13-2010, 01:25 PM
Capoolet, we be rackin da whack jams, gurl. IT'S DE CRAB DANCE PARTY, MON!

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