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It is a fact that anyone who does not have a LTS will be investing in STO by paying a monthly fee. To ensure this continued investment it would be the least Cryptic could do to make the C-Store free for those of use who choose to continue supporting this game by paying a monthly fee.
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09-22-2010, 04:11 PM
Hmmm life timer here please start calculating.

Monthly Per Month Total
1-Month 14.99 USD 14.99 USD
3-Month 13.99 USD 41.97 USD
6-Month 12.99 USD 77.94 USD
Lifetime* - 299.99 USD

The game is now out how long ?
243 days so a lifer has payt how mutch infrond bascily.

How long is a year?
365 1/4 days in a year = life timer payt for adleast 540+ days infrond.( if payt from day one of release and thats basicly more if you think about discount enz. do the maht. )
and you realy think you can start asking like just over half a year 1/2 of a lifer subcription payment toget free stuff you still need to pay like a full year to compare it to the lifers.

So we payt our support in advance so basicly if there is somthing for free it should be actualy for the lifers because we all ready payt for it.

I gone be honnist pay your sub or get a life time sub, if you don't like it.
I will keep paying my fees true the c-store so far any thing in there i have bought compare that to a normal subber that never got any thing from the store.
Then i and other lifers that want the stuff also have payt over 400 all ready and you ???

Keep that inmind pay 1x 300 usd and are sure you are always able to play as long as you have a connection that was my concern not having the monney for the sub.. so i bought for that rezon alone a LTS and keep supporting true the c-store.

Or keep doing what you do now and support 2x.
This is my first p2p mmo the rezone why i never playt other p2p mmo's real simple never knowing if you have the monney is a pain, one month you can have like 1000+ on the bank and the other month -1000 thats life but if i buy somthing i want to be able to play it when ever i can and not like dang didn't pay the bill can't play it but i want to.

Think about it.
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09-22-2010, 04:49 PM
I also am not one of the guy's that says where LTS so we should get the c-store items free like you can se in the other treats.

If you ask me the only ones that are being ript of are the TRIBBLE PLAYERS.
They test for all of us all the new stuff out the fixes enz.
They get free stuff that like the tribble of borg that later on gone be in c-store for a few bugs basicly.
But also alot of them are monthly payers just like you.

If criptic should change somthing it should be the following.
Keep giving like the tribble of borg and other stuff for free to the real testers ( have a time counter on the server ) and give them basicly evry time thy playt for 24 hours for example on the tribble 36 hours on there subscibtion back by making there original expire date for example: 24.09.10 at 11.30 to 25.09.10 at 23.30
Or just the amont of points for 36 hours back.

That way the ones that realy test get payt back the time the put in to testing.

Thous are the ones that should get free stuff and in my eyes some test alot more then somemonthly or lifers even think thy do.
And thy are being ript off in my eyes before any other.
Becuase most of the monthly and lifers don't test.
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09-22-2010, 05:08 PM
I personally think the C-Store shouldn't exist, but that's me. It's a shrewd way of taking advantage of the customer base and to be quite frank a good game doesn't need a micro-transaction (aka. Nickle and Dime) system.

At any rate, it does exist and so based on that, I say no it should not be free to those who are paying a month to month only. Yep you choose to pay month to month, good for you, in the end you'll pay more money if you pay over 18 months which means that you're making a less intelligent financial decision. I chose to take a risk and I handed them $300.00 before the game even launched. If anybody deserves free C-Store access it's the people like me who took the risk. You have the option of closing your account whenever you choose and cutting your losses, I'm out the $300.00 whether I like the game or not.
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09-23-2010, 02:01 PM
I say NO, and for the exact same reasons that I gave in the "give lifers free crap" thread. As the person above me stated, I also don't think that the C-Store should least not in the state that it's currently in.
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09-23-2010, 02:33 PM
Originally Posted by kefra View Post
those of use who choose to continue supporting this game by paying a monthly fee.
Let's stop pretending that you're paying a monthly subscription in order to support the game. You're paying monthly because you didn't want to lock in with a lifetime, allowing you to bail out if something didn't go exactly your way.
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09-23-2010, 03:39 PM
Any chance tng uniforms will be on sale for 60cp? Come on, be a pal Cryptic.
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09-23-2010, 07:29 PM
1. sillyyyy idea.
2. wow @ the spelling errors so far. with valid points. guess that evens out the keel.
3. either way, you are paying. love it or hate it.
4. i am monthly right now, because i have many other bills to pay. and i still buy the cryptic store stuff, cause its awesome! when my teeny tiny savings for STO gets to enough, i will go lifetime. of course by then i'll be deployed thus negating the entire deal, but thats another story for another day.
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09-23-2010, 10:57 PM
Really not trying to be rude here, but is this a joke thread to counter the thread about making the CStore free for lifetimers? Probably not, since non lifers do end up having to pay a sub and optionals, while lifers only pay for the optionals.

If you think about, it nobody wants a free CStore. The items are DESIGNED to be 100% fluff/looks: A quicker way to get something like ships, optional uniforms, bridges, ship mods, and optional services. The entire thing is optional, guys. If you don't like it, don't use it or use it sparingly. The day that the store starts selling items that make or break the game like F2P games do, that either you buy from it or you suck, is when people should complain it's a bad thing and ask to abolish it in a P2P game.

STO's post-launch lifetime offers for $300 dollars divide the player base, while in CO it's almost like being a founding member. The fact that lifetime offers are even still around post-launch for STO is possibly hurting Cryptic in the long run because people who can afford the peace of mind would rather just pay one large fee up front. For CO you either pay monthly with optional CStore or you don't play, which is also hurting the income Cryptic gets from CO since everybody I know who I've tried to get in on it is squeamish about paying monthly but would shell out for a lifetime just to not worry about paying a sub in like 15 months or so.

Oh and Loic if you're pre-launch like me you'd remember that the pre-launch lifetime was $240 with some small perks, unlike the current one that is more expensive and all you get is unrestricted play for $300.

But yea, if anybody has a right to ask for a free CStore, the subbers do since they have to pay double duty in a sense.
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09-24-2010, 06:16 AM
OK, lets look at it this way. You get stuff free from the C-Store.

End result:
- No decent stuff goes in there
- We don't get stuff like the Enterprise Uniforms, Gal X, or any of that stuff as there is not the additional funds to produce.

I'm happy paying monthly and throwing Cryptic a few quid every now and again as I love this game and want it to continue. Not everything in the C-Store is for me so I choose not to buy it. If I want something, I buy it because it helps produce more stuff and helps support the game.


I am not a LS as I cannot afford to do this at the moment or since game launch. Everyone (yes LS too) should pay for things in the C-Store as it pays for the production of items which could not be made otherwise.

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