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07-16-2010, 01:52 PM
Yep, and it's about time for a detox...
It really is...this crap is bogus. I could see having C-Store "packs" every now and then, but having more content available for "unlock" in the store instead of in game is seriously like "wtf?" What are the accolades for that just got introduced in game? What are we supposed to do when we beat the game in a week?

A WEEK?! It took me nearly 2 years to get to end-game in CoH, playing for maybe an hour or so a day, juggling it with school and my military obligations. I played STO at an even slower rate and finished it in a fraction of the time. There is no content in game; there is nothing but a bunch of ships, PVP, and repeatable "shoot 'em up" missions. Adding;

More ship classes.
More races.
More uniforms.
More titles and accolades.

is NOT adding more content. It's more FLUFF.

We need CONTENT:

Episodes / Mission Arcs.
Task Forces.
Open space. (I can only go to a planet if I have a mission? What?)

This is why I have such a problem with the C-Store. We aren't getting the content that we need to keep this game fun and keep us wanting to come back. We need more to actually DO in this game, not more stuff that just makes it look neat.

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