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I hate to ask, cause well, we try to be as professional as we can, even with our rather slapstick content.

But the RedShirtArmy podcast needs, a little help from the community. Since episode 9 when we converted the site from el cheapo Wordpress to a custom php-fusion design, we kinda lost the ability for RSS Feeds. If you've ever used Wordpress, there's only about a few hundred plugins for it that will automatically create RSS Feeds for you, update them for you etc.

Since iTunes takes a podcast update straight from an RSS Feed you point it too, we've lost our brothers and sisters who use iTunes to find and listen to the show (if you search I think the last episode is in fact episode 8 prior to the move to php-fusion). Since then we've had ten+ episodes that iTunes doesn't have cause we haven't had an RSS Feed.

One of our hosts placed a php-fusion plug in that adds RSS Feeds to the site. However, the Feed contains nothing. It's blank. It won't have the mp3 file listed in it, which is what iTunes requires.

Anyone have an extensive knowledge of RSS Feeds and/or iTunes? We could use the help

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