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07-14-2010, 07:02 AM
Originally Posted by cold_gin_time_again View Post
What does STO do better than other MMO's ?

They fraternize with the players.

props to DStahl for making us feel that the game is living again, and for being there to answer hard questions.

...and...... for the thick skin needed to deal with hardcore trek fans and their self-entitlement issues.

I'm finally getting a good feeling again about this game.

thanks for keeping the communication lines open.
Yeah have to agree with you on this one.
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07-14-2010, 07:06 AM
Well it is only his opinion but for a Star Trek game, they did do a pretty good job. And he is only talking about the combat, and it is fun.

But is it better than the space combat in SWG? Not really, as they went totally different direction.
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07-14-2010, 07:06 AM
Originally Posted by Soupgoblin View Post
What STO does better than any other MMO is listen and communicate.
i have to say some of it might just be luck but everything they announce that they plan to do in the future with regards to content is stuff ive heard people ask for on the forums.

also back to what they do best,
they do the bridge officers well. and they do both the combination of space and ground well.

Its great having a totally customizable squad that you can set up how you want with look, equipment, race, gender, abilities etc.
and being able to go from ground and space and both play pretty well (space better than ground, but ground combat is still pretty good.) that was ambitious from the start and they pulled it off.
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07-14-2010, 07:08 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
im struggling to find a game that i enjoy the space combat in more

maybe they are not the very best ever but its still very, very good.
For me, nothing has yet outdone the old X-wing/TIE Fighter games. If STO had unlimited movement in space... ah, but it does not, and probably never will.
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07-14-2010, 07:11 AM
I disagree that STO's space combat is the best. The often-loathed SWG, in my humble opinion, did it better - and much more fast-paced than what STO delivers. Granted, we're flying capital ships, but when the time comes that I feel like I'm captaining a capital ship, maybe my opinion will change.

What they do best is being visible to the community. As mentioned before, that's a double-edged sword, but I for one appreciate that the developers are engaged in our discussions and often take our suggestions (even if only from the vocal minority).
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07-14-2010, 07:49 AM
So far I believe that the fact they listen to the players is a huge plus. I've played many an MMO and been on a player selected panel for one of them and even then wasn't listened to. It just amazes me how much the folks at cryptic read the boards, and talk with the players to better improve the game.

I also love how the game runs and plays. It's in my opinion one of the best mmo's I have played and that's why I purchased the Lifetime Sub. Great game overall!
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# 27 What I Like In STO
07-14-2010, 08:01 AM
I enjoy that You get like 2 games in 1. Space and ground. Although if skillpoints spent on being good in space ground lacks and vice versa. I've simply decided to LvL different charcaters and focus one on Space one on ground, eventually.

Also like that STO is so Casual. It doesnt feel like a job and if I only have 30 min I can log in and do a mission or two. In other MMO's it takes just that to get somwhere and not including starting to fight.

I acctually enjoyed PvP Space at Lt LvL because it was so casual and not so many skills to use but rather like a dogfight and just fly around and shoot. Sure it would get old in the long run if not getting more skills by time but still it was fun.

I like the rebalance made to PvP. It's really fun now. Klingons used to be redicolously OP but unlike other MMO's STO has acctually managed to balance PvP when others seem to break it with every update. I do play both sides, Feds and Klingon, so I can compare.

I like that STO shows out new updates and fixes. Sure alot has been cosmetic but other MMO's dont even do that. 1.2 was more than just cosmetics and so will 2.0 be as well and this game hsant even been out long and still showed out so much. Some might argue that because it was lacking from start. Fine but we get improvements all the time. Other MMO's are released and then let to rot and imbalance in PvP can take years before even tried to fix. During that time You simply give up the game.

Also Devs in STO seem to not blindly listen to all Forum Post but really listen and then consider more than one side before implement something. The Difficulty settings is a good example. Genious solution to please the ones screaming for punishment and still not scare away the casual players that are not masochist and likes to whip themselves.

Also like that there are different ways to obtain Badges to barter for end-game gear. Exploration and PvP. Not just like in most MMO RPG's where there is only one way that all must do or lose out, like in most MMO's thats Raiding. Hope STO will always keep more than one option open to obtain gear and not force anyone into one playstyle.

Also like that STO runs so smoothly. Although one of my graphic cards broke down and I had to run on only half the graphic memory I notice no difference. Same with latency. I for a while had to dig out a really old cable modem with 1/4 the speed I have now and I noticed no difference when playing STO. Other MMO's that requires less than STO still runs crappier/choppier than STO and lags more.

I just hope Cryptic can keep this up and come with so many improvemnts and updates.

Oh and STO makes most other MMO RPG's look old graphically. Just look at character creation and Space battles etc. Looks like being in a movie on high settings. I used to think LoTRO looked really good and it still does as far as Landscape does but after STO release characters and outfits even in LoTRO looks outdated.

Sure some single-player games with Multi-player option has better graphics but I have yet to see an MMO look better than STO.

Really looking forward to the Fleet/Guild emblem. Hope it isnt just a choice of some pre-made designs (and vary the combinations and dyes like Ship Hulls) but that You can acctually design an emblem from scratch and/or maybe import it from PhotoShop into STO or something like that.

Already in Ultima Online/UO You gould design Gif image for Your Guild but it was not dispalyed in-game only on MyUO page beside Your character on a shield (they laterremoved that feature, dont know why). This is taking it one step further.

Can't wait to design our Guilds/Fleet Red Dragon to be put on all Fleet ships.
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07-14-2010, 08:17 AM
You want to know what STO does better then any other MMO?

Part people from their money.

Look at all the people who paid extra for copies of the game to get special items. Look at all the players who bought multiple copies to get several special items. Look how quickly most of those items found their way in to the C-store.
Look at the merchandise in the C-store. Uniforms, playable race, ships, bridges, pets and more. All types of things players would need or want to have. Things that should be attainable through game play. By doing quest, grinding mission or whatever. Like in other games.
But not here in STO. Oh no, if you want any of it. You have to pay real cash or do without. Cross Cryptic's palm with silver or be left behind.

Look at the fleets of Galaxy X starships. All at twenty five dollars a pop.
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07-14-2010, 08:26 AM
SWG's space combat sucked. For the most part, multiplayer ships were severely underpowered and could easily be taken out by fighters. Much of the combat was just spamming missiles and it was over in such a short period of time because there was little in the way of defense. Some ships had bugged out hitboxes which made them unbalanced. Space combat in SWG was a mess. Not only that, there were only nine space systems IIRC. Also, in SWG, if you were to drop connection or land, your mission progress would be entirely cancelled and you'd have to start over from the beginning. Lame.

I prefer the more strategic combat of the STO system instead of arcade-style SWG. I think STO has the best space combat out of any MMO, and I really like how they handle resuming missions. I also love how Cryptic keeps in constant contact with the community.
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07-14-2010, 08:38 AM
to be frank STO fails to do anything better.

Ground combat still is a big fail for me even when I tried it with a fully skilled character I found it dull dragging and boring. In space combat should be slow on ground it should be fast passed and I wouldn't need a dozen or more shots to kill some one.

Space combat is okeish, but without the full 360 stearing it is annoying as hell at times surely when you fly dual cannon boats and approach from below or above it is a nightmare to keep people in your arc. Beside that there are to many cooldowns on to short cooldowns. It is fine to have a large number but balance their power by their cooldowns so a stronger skill can be used less than a weaker skill. That would make you think more about which BO skills you will use go for the weak ones and risk being nukes down trough them? Or go for the strong ones and risk being cought without any CD ready.

The crafting doesn't alure to me at all and resource gattering is slow and annyoing for it has to happen during missions I just want to go out and gatter not beeing bother save for an ocasional spawn or so.

Economy is rubbish and the exchange is in need of a serious overhaul in search options

PVP is oke at times and improved but far off anything exithing and AFKers are a HUGE HUGE drawback for they ruin the whole game for both teams as the team with the afkers will be hopeless and those on the other side will find no challenge at all. O and capture and hold targets should be capped faster and once fully capped be harder to recap (to lure players into going and fight at all point to avoid the other team finnishing the cap and thus making it hard to recap it)

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