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07-26-2010, 03:29 PM
Originally Posted by Mardoxx View Post
here's your problem...

8800GT in SLI is not even close to an 8800GTX

just spend 160 and get a gtx 460 or a bit more on a 465
460 @ 160-185+ can get the 768MB version (192 bit), the 1GB version (256 bit) is better @ higher a res but will cost more 180-210+.

The 8800GT is a great card so is the 8800GTX and 460 . I get 30+ ground / 45+ space FPS @ 1680*1050 max setting, using my 8800GT (in my sig). I'm looking at getting a 460 (dual chip on one card would be nice), I got 300 set a side, for a new GFX upgrade to complete this rig.

Stepping down the res to 1440*900 with my 8800GT

I get up to 80+ in space

I get up to 60+ ground missions

8800GT SLI vs 8800GTX 1

8800GT SLI vs 8800GTX 2

800GT vs 8800GTX

Star Trek Online: Game Performance Analyzed And Benchmarkedl The GTS250 uses the G92 just like the 8800GT/9800GT.


In the end, Nvidia has taken its time, but offers an exceptional card with the GeForce 8800GT Compare Prices on GeForce 8800GT Video Cards. For about $230 it nearly displays the power of a GeForce 8800GTX (under 3%) twice as expensive, with the only downside being a slightly lower memory capacity (512 MB instead of 768 MB) and a bandwidth 10% lower than that of a GeForce 8800GTS. However, in games, the latter is usually outperformed by 30% without filters (using the 320 MB version) by the GeForce 8800GT and the GTX is only 12% higher. We have to say that the transition to the 65 nm process meant the arrival of more than just a couple of G92 on a wafer. By the way, this chip boasts 754 million transistors. It's small, consumes less than a GeForce 8800GTS 320 MB, and the 8800GT is also quite silent despite its single slot cooling system.

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07-31-2010, 04:38 AM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
Actually i have a hunch that a GTX 285 may in fact be better than any GTX 4xx card.

Mainly because it has a much great bandwidth than the 4xx cards as it has a 512-bit memory interface which none of the 4xx has.

Because i swear STO ran better on my old 280 that wen't kaputt than on my new GTX 470 i have now.
Though it could just be that the drivers are still immature.
what are u talking about my card has 1536MB memory size 384 bit Bus Width and is running on 1100mhz / 2200mhz and is 211.2 GB/s Bandwidth well in orginal it have 177.0 GB/s on a normal clock of 1850mhz
and its a 480 GTX
and a GTX 285 has only 1GB memory 512-bit 1242mhz / 2484mhz 159.0 GB/s so the GTX 285 is a slow card ,
and i have no problems whit my GTX 480 i run max settings so ...

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