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When World of ******** came out about 5 years ago, personally, I had a huge desire to play, however, I only had dial-up my computer still only ran windows 95 and couldent even play Starcraft without "The Blue-Screen-of-Death" popping up and music repeating. I was also in Grade School.

by the time I got a computer that could run WoW and I had DSL, STO was coming out. I eventually decided to play STO instead of WoW for a few reasons:

1.) WoW had 2 expantions out at the time of this post. and would have cost more to buy.

2.) I actually want to be the most famous player in a MMORPG (Not Leroy Jankins famous mind you, but repectably famous.) and WoW is asid to have 11 Million players. So i figured STO would have fewer players at this time so it would be easier to achive said status.

3.) The only Starship simmulator I own is "Starfleet Command 1", and that was getting dull.

I diden't have the money to buy the game, and lifetime sub, at launch, so i saved up untill i could buy the game in June. the one thing at iritated me was when I looked for a review for the game on Youtube, they were all uploaded in Feburary, and were all hate reviews.

But that didn't discorage me, I always had a thing for liking games that everyone hated (STO), and hating games everyone liked (Grand Theft Auto).

The major problem was that I ended up having to spend the money I saved for the Lifetime sub, inorder to get upgrades for my computer so that i could play the game. (So for now in a 15 a month person.)

now, onto the game itself. After about 3 hours for my Gamestop collector's edition with the (at the time) Exclusive Constitution (The way I see it now, I saved 800 Criptic Points ) to patch to Season 1.2 status, I started playing. (By God's grace, my computer was powerful enough to play this game.) The cinimatic was a little laggy, so I adjusted the settings for a little more speed. Now the only problems I've had since is my internet disconnecting on my while I play, (but thats because my computer is far from the wireless router.)

I was actually honestly expecting to fall into addiction before the tutorials end, like I keep hearing "Experts" screem and complain, but I was suprised that it diden't, haven't, and hopefully never will. (Probobly because I'm older. you know, like when you remember that you use to get really excited at Christmas, but when you got to that age, you don't get that overexcited.)

anyway, I thought that the Characterdesigning was pritty extencive, but I didn't really bother with it. then again, that I was never really one for details. I chose a Human Male (I have a Moral belief that you should always play as your gender as your main character if anything.) Tactical officer.

The Tutorial was well informative and the Voice from the EMH was cool, I wish there were more of those In-Game.

What Really Got my attention was that My ship (Unlike in Starfleet Command) was individually marked: both name and regestery number. The customizing is also pritty good. (but when it comes to ship design, you could say I'm a purist. Every part on my ship must be of the same class. No mix-and-matching. I feel like the Federation is running on Jury-Rigged ship if people mix ship classes. but i do deviate with Teal Gemini marking all over my ships.)

I still wish that I had my Excelsior, and the ability to use any Number lower the 91002 (not used by cannon ships that is, I hate it seeing variations of the name "Enterprise" knowing that none of the are NCC-1701-E. and why even bother trying to fly around in a fulse Enterprise? I can understand if someone wanted to fly the Excelsior NCC-2000-A, I'd have the server allow it. but not let another person have the same name and number.)

the space combat is fun, but I personally like Starfleet Commands battle system better. not only that, but in the cannon, Picard could fire 2 phaser shots and disable a ship alltogether. So why can't we?

Ground combat is ok, but i wish the world were more expancive like actually being planet size maps, not feeling like I'm exploring a landlocked Island.

Money is hard to come by in large quantities, it took me forever to get 500K credits, and then i had to use them all to get mamory alpha data samples just to level up my crafting skills on an exchange that is over priced. (we all know how user generated pricing works, everyone wants a million credits for cheep gear )

exploring the galaxcy dose feel more like "let me see the galaxy map so we know where to go." unlike other games where the map fills in as you progress.

and the biggest problem i have is that there are so many instances on the server, that you only get about 10-40 people on a zone instead of hundreds like you hope to see. (Please criptic, i want Earth Spacedock to be as crouded as the west side market in Cleveland, every casino in Veges, and the New York Stock Exchange combined.)

one of my biggest problems (That is in no way Criptics fault) is that when i try to recruit people to my fleet, I either get no reponce, or some jerk tells me to buzz off. (How am I suppose to compeat with fleets that have hundreds of players in it, when no one wants me around to offer a place in my ranks!? )

the last thing I want to say is that the game dose have a strong Single Player feeling. and i find that to be the games biggest downside, espeshely when I need help. because no one (unless I'm lucky) comes into my instance while i'm doing my mission to help me. or I cant help someone else if they need it.

I hear that's because the Devs were worried that high level players would bully low level players if restrictions were not in place. (In my opinion I'll quote Kirk, "[Then] let them die". Morrowind was set up that if you were in the wrong place, at the wrong level, you were killed. A player shoud have the feeling of going into a war zone acedently, and getting pownded if he didn't leave in time, like we sometimes do in Deep Space Encounters.) If that was not the case, then I'm sorry for this part of the review, this is only what I hered.

With all that said I for one do like this game. I especially know that even if i get bored of it, eventually, i'll want to play it again. and 15 a month eventually becomes $1000 paid (thats the trick of it). but more over, I see A LOT of potential for this game, and as soon as I can pay the $300 Lifetime Subcription, I will buy it.

May Star Trek Online "Live Long and Prosper".

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