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Ok, first let me tell you that im not really against the C-Store. I realize this title is not exactly gangbusters with respect to subscriptions and they have to make money somehow. I do have a few suggestions, however, to benefit both new players and Cryptic.

1) Allow the purchase of T2 ships unlock for new player

If you are not willing to roll T2 ships into T1, or at least move them to available at Lt5, you should offer an early unlock in the store, and make sure new players know it is available.

As an alternative, you could offer the T2 ships but in modified other words the ships are essentially still starter ships like the miranda, with the same bridge console capabilities, hull and such, but look like the T2 vessels. This way players will have a much larger selection of ships to choose from, and therefore be more likely to be hooked on the game early on.

There is still an incentive to replace the ships come T2 because they have more stations and better stats.

2) Fix the TOS uniform.

Your TOS uniform is not correct and needs to be fixed. It will probably be more appealing if it is corrected.

3) Offer Ship and Uniform change blocks in sets of 10 for sale.

Purchasing this would give you 10 free in game changes to your ship appearance, or your uniform.

4) Add pets for captains on the Fed side.

Add the ability to own a cat or dog on the fed side for sale.

5) Give out a bonus 500 cryptic points if a player decides to pay for a sub after purchasing the game when the 30 days runs out.

Yet another incentive for people to sub once they play for 30 days and the time runs out.

6) Unlock lower tier ship model parts for upper tier models for a price

Offer the ability to use parts from earlier ships in lower tiers on higher tier ships. This would probably need some testing to determine what parts could be added, but would add more to the diversity of the game and give something more for Cryptic to profit from.

7) A 3d model of your current ship, colors, name and all in your profile, that can be rotated around.

So you can show off your vessel to others. Also gives a chance to peruse the choices you made without being in the game.

Just a few suggestions. Thanks for your time.

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