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# 1 C-Store thoughts
07-29-2010, 10:02 AM
At the risk of beating a dead horse. I want to purchase the new VA ship unlocks. I enjoy alt'ing; however grinding up 2nd ship alternatives for each alt will be difficult. But I also don't want to abandon ships I've already earned. If i could purchase account wide ship slot unlocks, i would do so, and would be more likely to purchase VA & future ship additions. Without the ability to add account wide ship slots, I'm far less likely to purchase ships through the C-Store in the future. Like many others I've read on the forums I'm reluctant to purchase anything from the C-store that is bound to a single character.

The same could be said about bridge officer slots on the C-store. But there aren't really only 1 BO to buy from the C-store at this time. And I've not yet run into a problem of running out. As a side note: I would like to see the C-Store add a Photonic BO & a Soong-Type android added to the BO possibilities in the future. Again as an account wide unlock, as with the Borg BO.

While it perhaps weakens my point, I'm by no means saying I won't buy from the C-store. I'm just likely to purchase less than i would with account wide options available. Other than the 2 items on the C-store, I think the C-store has been great, and I'm glad to hear that it's helping Cryptic add content that the community has been requesting, that would otherwise still be on the back burner.

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