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# 1 Proposals for ship interiors
07-17-2010, 02:30 PM
Hello all,

As many of you did I'm sure, I just logged into Tribble and giggled like an Aldanian school girl (note: I am an adult male) at the sight of the new ship interiors. They look awesome!

I have some ideas that you might want to consider while fine tuning them. I hope you find them logical and feasible ^_^

1. Healing / Repairing from inside the ship!

I think it might be a nice alternative to repairing ships / healing bridge officers if we were to have a minigame in Engineering / Sick Bay that either lets us do it for free (with difficulty scaled upward for more severe injuries) or for significantly reduced cost. Have injured officers on beds in sick bay, scan them, do a minigame similar to the anomaly scanning, maybe spend a few energy credits for "Medical Supplies" but not as much as paying the Doc in ESD etc., and BAM! You're healed!

Maybe a standing console for healing oneself... The Captain must stand and continue to command while injured, of course, despite the Doctor's instructions!

Maybe have some sections in Engineering that start blasting steam (i.e. plasma coolant), and have to walk up to that particular console / conduit and perform a similar minigame. It would be awesome if we had to go to the appropriate section of engineering, or sick bay, or lab, or torpedo bay (Circa ST2: Wrath of Khan!!!) to fix the damage or injuries?

To encourage cooperation and cameraderie after a battle, make it possible for teammates / fleet members (who you of course damaged your ship in defense of) to come aboard with you and help, making the repairs go that much faster and encouraging the use of the space as a social and useful destination. Thereby allowing teammates to express their gratitude with cold hard cash in repairing your ship, in thanks for your saving them! I seem to recall this happening in just about EVERY FRIGGIN' EPISODE that involved more than one ship! Am I right?

Wow that one went long. But as you can tell, the idea is exciting ^_^

2. Useful, functional consoles on your own ship.

It would be awesome if instead of being forced to visit Starbases periodically to unload inventory, sell things on the exchange, send and receive mail (with attachments?), make deposits / withdrawals from the bank, we could just do so from consoles on our own bridge / ready room / ship when close enough (or "within transporter range") to a Starbase / cargo ship / something inventive here. Something to do with those space lanes the cargo ships travel on maybe, under the guise of those ships being able to ferry yours items between a starbase and you?

Maybe impose a small commission of Energy Credits for transporting goods. Significant enough to encourage visits to the Starbase on occasion, but low enough to make it less annoying than flying halfway across the quadrant to sell 5 portions of Trixian Bubble Juice. Per item, perhaps, so that larger loads are still logically dealt with by docking at a Starbase?

3. Ability to customize interiors further.

Admittedly I have not thoroughly explored / figured out what is possible here, so I apologize if I ask for what's already planned.

Renaming sections of the ship for fun and accuracy. In the expanded universe (i.e. books I have read riding the bus to work as of late) the "Lounge" as it is called in the game was referred to as the Rec Deck, at least on the oldest 1701. Maybe the ability to call it that, something else, whatever your little nerdy heart desires? Personally I would like to rename my sick bay "Horta Burn Clinic" (props to those who get the reference within a reference) my lounge "Rec Deck" and my transporter room "Atom Scrambler" (Long Live McCoy!). Ok I probably won't do some of those, but the options! I LOVE options!

Ability to change the color scheme? I know that's a tall order, but it'd be great to give it a darker or lighter feel, make it match more with our bridges?

Ability to change the pictures in the lounge / quarters / ready room with our own screenshots, or at least pick from a selection... Perhaps picking from the wallpapers on the website?

4. The crew.

As I watched my crew walk around, as oblivious to their Captain's presence as if they were NPCs on a Starbase, it bothered me a bit. As a Brave and Fearless Leader, I would like to be able to talk to my crew about the latest encounters aliens, first contacts, or brushes with death.

Perhaps something similar to the diplomatic conversations? Talk a crewman (or bridge officer?) down from freaking out about being assimilated, and earn 2 or 3 Diplomacy XP? Nothing huge, but nothing insignificant?

In Tribble I heard talk of shipwide uniforms. Great idea! could we designate the template for uniforms shipwide? Please make it easier then the current saving of uni templates, that only work on the same gender, same species, etc, but maybe 3 or 6 templates: Eng, Sci, Tac, and then Male and Female for each customizable?

Thanks for listening. I hope I made sense, and that my ideas might prove useful. Live Long and Prosper!


P.S. If I have stolen ideas, I'm really sorry. These are both the product of my own nerdy enthusiasm and my conversations with countless awesome people. If you said it first, claim it! Thanks! ^_^

Edit: Added idea for changing pictures inside rooms
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# 2
07-17-2010, 02:44 PM
I hope they add healing and repairing inside the ship, especially as optional mini-games.

We definitely need useful functional consoles. Maybe some to access the bank/mail.

I have heard that they plan on allowing us to really customize our interiors, but there is a lot of work that will have to go into it for the Devs. I think their main goal right now is to get functional ship interiors before doing anything else with them.

I liked watching the crew walk around, it really gave a good immersion. I think crew interaction would be a great addition to ships, especially with the bridge crew.
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# 3
07-17-2010, 02:58 PM
i agree on all terms, but the uniform thing bothers me the most, i have all my bridge staff with voyager uniforms but the random crew has that god awfull standard look i hate, so yeah please let us set templates for sci Engi and Tac and male female
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# 4
07-17-2010, 03:04 PM
I put this in the other post, but paraphrasing here since it's relevent:

Definitely want to be able to define my crew uniform for both enlisted and officer. The variants (blue/red/yellow) can be done automatically, but would be nice if I could define the division colors, as well.

Don't think the circular "large" engineering space is as appropriate since most fed engineering sections are in the secondary hull, which isn't a saucer. The large crew deck area should be that circular one.

I generally like the groupings, etc. Sickbay / lounge on the crew deck with transporter room on the engineering. I think there should be more turbolifts on every deck, especially near/on the dead ends. My bridge (Star Explorer) has 3 turbolifts, but my Crew deck only one? Crew deck should have the most turbolifts, the bridge the least, with engineering splitting the difference. I would also say to automatically set the ship scale based on the bridge. If I have a Defiant or standard bridge, use small. If I'm using a Star Explorer, etc use the Large ship interior by default. etc

My single biggest request at this point would be for contextual immersion. If I'm in spacedock and select "Go to Bridge" (should be renamed "go to interior" which should actually probably be gotten rid of entirely and use the transporter icon), I should beam into the transporter room on the ship. From there, go to the nearest turbolift (see above about more turbolifts) and head to the bridge. Click on my captain's chair to sit, at which point it goes to widescreen and I'm at the ship exterior view to pilot, etc. If I'm already in space, I should use the cinematic fade in/letterbox and appear in my captain's chair (and fade out/letterbox if I'm already in the captain's chair). I hate the beaming in / out of my bridge from anywhere other than the transporter room.

Ultimate long term goal would be completely functional ship interior (using crew AI to fight ships, etc). yeah, they'll probably stink so most of us would want to "drive the bus" directly by going to conventional controls, but for things like setting courses, etc (done thorugh dialog to the navigator, which would bring up the Galaxy/Sector map).

One that thing that will hopefully be done sooner rather than later is more intelligent crew AI. They kept walking back and forth and opening the door to my captain's quarters but what purpose do they all have there? Generally, I'd like to see about a 25% reduction in the number of people walking around, but when they do walk around they should have a purpose (even if it's to go to the wall console, type something real quick and then head back). Ideally, they would be going to turbolifts, etc which would have a 2 or 3 second wait period before the next turbolift is available. Next, there should be some interaction with them, since you're the captain. Go to talk to them and get some options "hello crewman, carry on" "Hello Captain. Aye sir" or "Crewman, take this to Sickbay!" "Aye sir" as well as some various routine chatter between crewman "Do you have that report, etc" that would be more social in the Lounge, etc.

Speaking of the lounge, didn't see anyone sitting in chairs or at the tables. That should change. Can't wait for the poker/dabo mini-games, etc. But being able to order some basic consumables from the Lounge bar/replicator would be nice. In fact, I think this is the perfect place to store the consumables we're picking up on missions. Just hope a tribble doesn't get in there! (Interior ship mission, macguffin, perhaps?)

Similarly, I'd like to see an armory where I could store weapons and armor acquired during games if I'm not going to sell them. Next most obvious is a place in engineering where we could store components and perhaps alternate weapons and/or consoles.

Similarly, would like to see some people laying in the beds in sickbay. Routine physical type dialogue but after a combat it would be nice to see discussion about injuries, etc (to say nothing of the long rumored mini-game for healing BO's, etc).
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# 5
07-18-2010, 11:21 AM
I like the idea of people beaming into your transporter room, but maybe make it an individual setting? It'd be great for RP and immersion, but for casual players it could get tedious.

I also think it would be neat to be able to appoint a Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer, and Chief of Security, perhaps being tied into that whole crew interaction thing...

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